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Pyro is a game concept by Captain Chaos, a Metroidvania loosely in the style of Darksiders, but minus the supernatural elements and with more Action Survivor flavor.

It's Next Sunday A.D. in the depressingly average coastal city of Holbrook. Donovan "Donnie" Montag is a pyrotechnician for a B-movie studio. He enjoys his job (some would say to a concerning degree), but doesn't like people very much. Still, the pay is good, and the smokes and breakfast cereal he gets with it are better.


Unfortunately for his cereal, but largely favoring his disposition, Holbrook has acquired a rather severe case of The Virus. This one is a particularly virulent and nasty Hate Plague, and turns it's victims into violent, psychotic mutants. Said mutants come pouring into his studio and things get real. Some people might die horribly in this situation. Donnie is not one of those people. He grabs a conveniently-placed fire axe and hacks his way to survival.

The player would then guide Donnie through the remains of his city, fighting off mutants, finding useful gear, and searching for a way to escape and find his way to where his aging parents and teenage brother live.


Pyro would provide examples of:


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