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"Don't lose your beat!"

Psionic Chronicles is a multiverse setting and a possible RPG created by Phazya. It is set around the many time periods of Earth, whose history has been altered after an incident, but also between alternate universes, space, and seas. Mainly set in 2315, it follows the intertwined peripeties of the peoples working in a laboratory after an incident separated them. The four main stories are titled Time Travel Trouble, Alternate Takes, Space Rush and Sea Stuck, but there are also many sub stories given as sidequests/parallel stories.


Aaron and Cynthia are two scientists specialised in the study of Psion, a particle capable of being manipulated by the brainwaves. After a test on the prototype of a Time Machine gone wrong, they are both transported in The Middle Ages, where they meet King Philippe des Landes. They then embark on a trip between time periods, searching for the lost parts of the now broken time machine.

Grégoire is an engineer who specialises himself in probabilities. After the Time Machine Incident, he is accidentally transported to an Alternate Universe. Here, he finds his alternate self, Gregory, who asks him to recover a prototype. Little does he know that he is the central cog in a war between humans and robots across many alternate universes.

Kyle is a mechanic working with Aaron and Cynthia on the Time Machine. After it explodes, he is sent to low orbit an abducted by aliens. He now has to survive in unknown territories as he is sent on an intergalactic complot to overcome the God-Emperor of the Galaxy with the help of these who abducted him.


Carol is a bioengineer working on a mutating substance causing two living beings to fuse their DNA together. During the incident, she is doused in the substance, then send into the sea where she fuses with a Shark. Now an Altantean, she finds a young jellyfish girl whose mother has been kidnapped. With her, she begins to search for this lost lady.

Tropes present in this hypothetical game

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    Gameplay Tropes 

  • Abnormal Ammo: Lilith's guns can use Psion Pellets, which are basically a Psion attack per ammo. They do not have levels but can be of all Psion types, except special. Elisabeth's only type of ammo is fireworks, and Velvet uses "souls" to shoot on enemies.

  • Armor-Piercing Attack: All rapiers, projectiles with the piercing effects can do this. This extends to Lumens Psion at higher levels.

  • Attack Its Weak Point: Armored enemies must either be hit by piercing effects or in the chinks of armor/unprotected parts to do optimum damage.

  • Beef Gate: Every time you access a new place. Hope you are skilled enough with the tactics and dodge.

  • Bonus Boss

  • Bonus Dungeon: There are a lot of places you are not forced to go by the story that nonetheless rewards you.

  • Bottomless Magazines: Zig-zagged. You need to craft/buy the ammo you'll need for LAO and Lilith's guns or Elisabeth's Fireworks Setters, but Velvet's guns works with "souls", playing it straight.

  • Combos: Different kinds of Psion can be combo'ed into more kinds of Psion, even Special ones.

  • Counter Attack / Defend Command: Characters can dodge attacks and even counteract if the action button is pressed in sync with the enemy's attack.

  • Decoy Protagonist: Played with. At many times the action changes for someone totally different, but in the end, there isn't a proper leader to the whole story.

  • Degraded Boss: Knights in Time Travelling Trouble, Armoured Robots and Dragon Childs in Alternate Takes becomes ridiculously easier when you unlock piercing effects, Elite Mooks in Sea Stuck, and Starlord and Enemy Ships in Space Rush downgrades as you level up.

  • Deployable Cover: Psion Barriere.

  • Dual Boss: The Bandit Couple.

    • Possessed Aaron and Cynthia.

  • Elemental Armor: most of the pieces of armor you gain with reduced damage against some type of Psion, at the cost of raising sensibility to another type of Psion.

  • Elemental Rock–Paper–Scissors: Each type of Psion is weak to another one in the common circle (for example: Calor>Frigor>Abyssus>Lumens>Electra>Calor). Hitting a certain level some Self Psion will outright ignore some of the damage caused by the weaker Psion.

  • Escort Mission: Parodied. Maria is supposedly escorted by Lao in the labs, but she is the one you control and the one who knows more about the place.

  • Guest-Star Party Member: Ervin will sometimes join you in Sea Stuck, and the party alternates with Masude and Masude's Mom, foreshadowing the links between the two.

  • Guys Smash, Girls Shoot: Averted. Every gender tends to use more melee weapons than ranged ones.

  • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: Doing a critical hit on a low health enemy with a sword, a lance or a ship will produce this effect.

  • Maximum HP Reduction: higher levels of Psion Magnere can produce this effect.

  • Mega Manning: Peoples with the Special Psion Copiere can do this to acquire the target's special Psion, at the cost of it being at the lowest level.

  • One-Hit Kill: when in Psion Rush mode, your attacks become this:

  • No-Sell: Higher levels of Barriere or armor will completely negate smaller attacks.

  • Press X to Not Die: the start of the stories, where you have to learn how to dodge.

  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: The way of dealing with death for Universalis Alter Users.

    • Masude's Mom, when replacing Masude, have the same stat levels and equipment as her daughter.

  • Wall Jump: when dodging near a wall, the character will use it to counter.

    General Character Tropes 

  • Action Girl

  • Anti-Hero: Maria has no qualms about stealing valuable stuff from the laboratories. Griselda uses and abuses of her powers to win at luck based games everytime, Elisabeth burned down and exploded a lot of infrastructures.

  • Artificial Human: Lilith created this for her own use, resulting in the hubot body she have.

  • Badass: Many.

    • Badass Adorable: Masude wipes the floor with beings thrice her size.

    • Badass Bookworm: Aaron, Cynthia, Grégoire, Kyle and Carol are this after the beginning. Alexander, Grévin, Lilith, Flavio and Grey joins them later.

    • Badass Crew

    • Badass Grandpa: Bather proves to dragons that age doesn't mean a thing when fighting.

    • Badass Handicaped: Kyle is under alcohol and painkillers most of the time, yet manages to keep up with the others. Claire is blind, but that doesn't stop her from being an excellent sniper.

    • Badass Normal: Philippe has no psion powers per se, yet manages to be one of the most damage-dealing characters of the groups.

  • Blood Knight: Carol became this after being fused with a shark.

  • Bodyguarding a Badass: Masude, a small jellyfish girl who can crush monsters with her powers, is protected by Carol, a girl who accidentally became a shark.

    • Lao bodyguards Maria, a giant girl who infiltrated many times a highly-secured laboratory, and who can manipulate Psion Calor so good she is able to transform into a fire demon.

  • Boobs of Steel: Maria and Velvet got the biggest busts of the cast, and heavily relies on combos with either boxing movement or a mix between firearms and melee weapons.

  • The Cameo: In universe. You can see peoples of another story in the main city, strolling and doing their own thing.

    • The narrator is the avatar of Phazya in the game.

    • You can sometimes see Original Characters of Phazya on advertisements, around the world or cheering you during Coliseum battles.

  • Cybernetics Eat Your Soul: Averted. Kyle obtain a pair of robotic legs, but they are useless, and until you obtain the grafted legs you aren't able of walking.

  • Dark Is Not Evil: Averted. Psion Abyssus is mastered by Grey, a grey slimekin. It doesn't stop him for being one of the kindest peoples in the Space Rush story.

  • Deadpan Snarker: Most of the characters tend to do this, but Kyle takes the palm and runs with it.

  • Distressed Damsel: Many:

    • Cynthia gets kidnapped by a kraken with Masude, then later by a rival royalty. She doesn't need help for the later, as this is your POV.

    • Aaron is caught by an enemy faction.

    • Masude get captured six times.

    • Aaron, Cynthia, Philippe and Lilith are all captured by Delta in the 4th Dimention. The games then switches to Maria and Lao.

  • Doomed by Canon: Delta is doomed to get possessed, and the Time Machine incident cannot be changed, even with Time Travel.

  • Eldritch Abomination: The 4th Dimensions peoples.

    • Carol out of all peoples manages to become an eldritch abomination by absorbing abyssal beings.

  • Early-Bird Cameo: You can see Maria delivering pizzas around the city before obtaining her. You can even order some to her!

  • Elemental Powers:

  • Elemental Shape Shifter: Maria is able to effectively light herself on fire so much she becomes what could be considered a Fire Elemental.

  • Glowing Eyes of Doom: the sign of someone using Psion.

  • Hot-Blooded: Kyle and Carol.

  • Heroes Prefer Swords: Except for Kyle, who uses clawed gloves, and Carol, who prefers hallebardes and lances.

  • Heroic BSoD:

    • Aaron and Cynthia gets one, when realising what Delta was trying to do.

    • Carol gets one, then later Masude, when they realise who Masude's Mom is.

  • Humanoid Abomination: Use Self Psion, and your body will take damage according to the type you are using. This is purely cosmetical, and reverts once the Self Psion is finished.

    • Carol is this because of her unstable DNA.

  • Inverse Law of Complexity to Power: Played straight for Masude and Kyle, whose only powers are to manipulate fluids and accelerate by bending space around respectively, but averted for Aaron, Cynthia, Grégoire and Griselda whose powers revolves around time and time flow manipulation for the two former and alternate and parallel universe travel, creation and destruction for the two latter.

  • Jerkass: Delta, Kyle and Gregory. Full stop.

  • Knife Nut: Delta has a tendency of using them when stopping time. Aaron Cynthia and Lilith develops this taste too.

  • Lady of War: Cynthia, Velvet, Griselda and Masude.

  • Light Is Not Good: Psion Lumens can be used by enemies.

  • Mage Marksman: Velvet is this, using mainly guns and magic as well as sometimes melee during fights. What Armand and Lilith are, too, replacing magic with Psion.

  • Meaningful Name:

    • Lilith's name comes from the first girl created in biblical mythology, who rebelled against God because she wanted to be the equal of the man. Her child, Eve, is named after the first girl who was retained in the biblical Paradise.

    • Masude is an anagram of Medusa, whose french name (Méduse) is the same as jellyfishes.

    • Kylo Prours can be read as Kilo(meters) Per Hour.

    • Parçec is the name of an astronomical unit.

    • Ellay could be written as LA, like Los Angeles, meaning The Angels, reflecting her appearance.

    • Iris watches over Grégoire and their group.

    • "Echo" refers to a way to see without using your eyes.

    • Calurand Festolaor is an anagram of "Dracula Nosferatu", reflecting his condition.

  • Mundane Utility:

    • Aaron and Cynthia can use their time-travelling powers to make excellent wine, or very valuable treasures. They also use it to go on vacations.

    • Grégoire and Griselda use Universalis Alter as a way to fix small mistakes or win luck games.

    • Kyle uses Celer as a way to win races in a cardboard box.

    • Masude uses Pressio to go around faster by making currents around her.

  • Nice Guy: Aaron, Philippe, Grégoire, Alexander, Parçec, Grey, Rémy, Flavio.

  • Nice to the Waiter: Philippe is a king, but is benevolent to thoses of the lower classes, seeking a perfect justice and protection for them.

  • One-Man Army: Aaron, Cynthia, Philippe, Lilith, Grégoire, Kyle, Carol, Rémy, Flavio.

  • One-Note Cook:

    • Lilith knows how to make cookies. That's it. Any cookie flavor, but ask for, say, a bowl of cereal, and...

    • Philippe knows steak. That's actually it.

  • President Badass: King Philippe des Landes. He goes with Aaron and Cynthia in their time-travelling adventures to be able to help his people.

  • Personality Power: the origin of Special Psion, from the user's brainwave pattern.

  • Psychic Powers: Psion is controlled with the brainwave pattern.

  • Red Baron:

    • Aaron and Cynthia: "The Temporal Twins", "The Timelords"

    • King Philippe des Landes: "The Time-Travelling King"

    • Lilith: "The Robot Destroyer" , "The Psionic Canvas"

    • Grégoire: "Humanity's Ambassador"

    • Kyle: "The Red and White Flash", "Mister Mach 5", "The Stellar Reaper"

    • Carol: "Shark Lady"

    • Masude: "The Pressio Girl"

  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: King Philippe.

  • Shaping Your Attacks

  • She Is All Grown Up: Masude / Masude's Mom. Also what can happen to Lilith if you choose a small robotic body and a teen/adult human body.

Spontaneous Weapon Creation: Gregory can do such thing.

  • Supreme Chef: Cynthia and Carol are this. Just don't taste Carol's meaty dishes after a battle.

    • Cordon Bleurgh: Aaron cooks with weird stuff, but it usually ends up quite good.

  • Technopath: Anyone with Electra or Magnere can become this.

  • Took a Level in Badass: Every

    • Aaron and Cynthia start as low-level characters who can use only one Psion attack per battle and uses Philippe as a clutch for dealing more damage. By the middle of the story, they can pull themselves off against the most competent medieval knight without using Psions, and bring down even greater enemies with them.

    • Grégoire is at first inexperienced at fights, but his Psionic skills and his thinking makes him able of bringing down squadrons of enemies by himself.

    • Kyle begins as a legless mess, and ends up a skilled racer, and able to destroy fleets of spaceship destroyers by himself.

  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: Aaron hates jellyfishes with a passion.


    Species and kins Tropes 


"Regular humans" that populate the Earth of the future. Their commons Psions are Calor, Frigor, Electra, Lumens, and Abyssus.

  • Batman Can Breathe in Space: Averted. They need the corresponding equipment to be able to survive in extreme conditions, or they will use their Psionic powers to protect themselves from natural aleas.

  • Jack Of All State: able to learn various types of Psions, as well as being able to focus more on any type of stat.


A subspecie of humans, Terroans are human who mutated with the DNA mixing substance into terrestrial beast peoples.


A subspecie of humans, Avisians are humans who mutated to be able to fly. They all are able to control the Psion Ventus instead of Abyssus.


Yet another subspecie of humans, Atlanteans are humans who mutated to be able to live underwater.


A subspecie of humans who evolved in contact of reptiles.


Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Includes either robots with a developped AI, robots with a basic AI or drones.


A special kind of robot, hubots are an AI in a human body that was grown up for them.


The first kind of alien found in Space Rush. They are the ones who finds Kyle. Their common Psions are Barriere, Celer, Tractare, Curare, and Scalpere.

  • Alien Lunch: Alcohol and many carbon compounds. Organic compouds are also consumed from time to time.

  • Bio-Augmentation: Their body adapted to living in outer space and gravity shifting.

  • Magitek: Many of their technologies use a combinaison of Psion and electricity.

  • Psychic Powers: They are one of the most efficient race to use Psion, behind Slimekins.

  • Squishy Wizard: Quite literally. They compensate it with innate medicine knowledge.

  • Superhuman Transfusion: graft any part of a Guardian on a Human, and they will gain one of the specie's common Psion.

  • Witch Specie


A specie of alien that is commonly found on their home planet. Viallies hunts them.



    Worlds Trope 

    Wildlife and Vegetation Tropes 


    Faction Tropes 

    Storyline Tropes 

  • Adult Fear: Being send away from your baby is not a fun experience for Masude's Mom.

  • A Form You Are Comfortable With:

    • Aztec Rave Monkey says that his present body isn't like this his true body at all.

    • The 4th Dimension people are capable of taking a 3D form.

    • The Starlords are avatars of the Stars.

  • Alien Invasion: Inverted. Kyle invades a Guardian ship, slaying some of them.

  • Authority Equals Asskicking

  • Bittersweet Ending: The neutral endings.

    • Time Travel Trouble: Aaron and Cynthia manages to make peace with the 4th Dimention People, but they must now life with them, doomed to be corrupted. We discover that Lilith was telling the story to her two childrens, as Philippe (or whoever she S-Ranked) is her husband.

    • Aternate Take: Grégoire dies in the last battle but becomes a martyr that incitates both party to reconciliate and realise their errors.

    • Sea Stuck: Masude discovers that was she thought was her mom was actually her older self, after killing the King Of The Oceans. Carol manages to come and consolate her, and they begin to live together, Carol adopting her.

  • Boxing Lessons for Superman: What sets apart humans from the other races in their world is that they have a past where they learn to do stuff without using the Psion. As such, they are the most powerful when it comes to combat with Power Nullifiers.

    • All the scientists are skilled in manipulating Psion with precision since they have the mathematical and physical knowledge to back it up.

  • Death Is Cheap:

    • Cynthia's Chronocere can revive a dead body by "rewinding" it.

    • The users of Universalis Alter can cheat death by transferring their consciousness to another themself from a parallel universe.

    • Starlords can't be killed unless their star is dead. They'll just slowly regenerate a new body.

  • Did You Joust Punched Out Cthlhu: The Final Boss of Space Rush is Sagittarius A*, AKA the supermassive black hole in the center of the galaxy.

  • Dirty Business: [[The King Of The Ocean ordered mass killing of Jellyfish Atlanteans because they control easily Pressio, who can turn them into a One-Man Army, and because they reproduce quickly. During your whole battle against it he expresses remorse fo this deed.]]

  • Enemy Mine: Aaron and Cynthia teams up with Delta to travel to the 4th Dimension.

  • Fantastic Recruitment Drive: This is how most of the groups are formed.

  • Fighting Your Friends: Lilith must at one point fight possessed Aaron and Cynthia in the 4th Dimension.

  • Foreshadowing: Plenty.

    • The silhouette that incapacitates Cynthia in the destroyed lab is familiar, because this is Cynthia.

    • You find Lilith near what appears to be a cuve filled with a blue liquid. It contains Lilith's hubot body.

    • Masude and Masude's Mom are never in the party together, only together in pictures. Theses are photoshopped, as Masude's Mom is actually an older Masude.

  • Friendly Enemy: Delta is this. He stays polite to the Time Travellers, even when fighting them.

  • Functional Magic: Aside from Psion being explained in the most scientific ways possible, magic in the Fantasy World is this.

  • Half-Human Hybrids: Terroans, Avisians, Atlanteans and Reptilians.

  • Human Aliens: Viallies are more angel aliens, and Guardians look very much like what they found.

  • Human Mom, Non-Human Dad: This is a possibility with the future offspring quests, available when you attain S-ranks between two characters.

  • Intergenerational Friendship: Carol and Masude's relations.

  • Magitek

  • Missing Mom: Played with. Masude's Mom is never seen by Masude, but we see it multiple times during Sea Stuck.

  • Multiple Endings: for multiple stories.

  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!

  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain!: The Psion Particle Accelerator: Alterglove is made by Robot extremists to use for robot extremists. What they didn't think of is that a man with the power to wield it could come from another alternate universe that they are trying to invade and steal it.

  • Outside-Genre Foe: Many.

    • The robotic AU's robot extremists is a man who can actually wield Psion.

    • Alternate Takes runs on this. You fight enemies with weapons they cannot have.

  • Parental Abandonment: Masude's Mom was forced to do so while being kidnapped.

  • Person of Mass Destruction: What the most skilled Psionists are. Thankfully, they are rare.

  • Reed Richards Is Useless: Averted oh so much. The protagonist invest in their spare time in researches to create more efficient weaponry and everyday item to increase the comfort level of the society.

  • Required Secondary Powers: Kyle needs Barriere to protect himself from the speed of Celer.

  • "Save the World" Climax: You start the stories as two twins going to their daywork. You end up saving the multiverse in all the stories except Sea Stuck and Space Rush.

  • Science Fantasy

  • Screw Destiny: what Universalis Alter can cause. In fact, abusing it leads you to the Golden Endings.

  • Shout-Out: LOTS. Too much to list them in fact.

  • Story-Breaker Power: Time travel, switching between alternate universes...

  • Sufficiently Analysed Magic: You can analyse Psion in the Research sidequest, making you able to have more efficient weapons.

  • Superhero Speciation: Everyone got an unique psion. The only exception is Aaron and Cynthia, who are true twins. And Lilith, whose unique Psion can copy other's.

  • Thought-Controlled Power: the Psion.

  • Time Skip: There is a time skip of a month after Aaron and Cynthia are corrupted.

  • Too Dumb to Live: Cynthia is kidnapped by bandits. They regret it.

  • Training the Gift of Magic: Psion is innate, but still needs to be refined.

  • Well Intentionned Extremist:

    • Robotic and human extremists think they both know how to deal with the situation peerfectly.

    • The King of the Oceans needed the Jellyfish Atlantean population to reduce quickly, so he was forced to order this massacer.

  • When She Smiles: Ervin rarely smiles. The only time he does is near Masude. She reminds him of her deceased daughter.

  • World of Badass

  • World of Buxom: Averted for Carol and the younger cast, played straight for the rest of it. Blatant Author Appeal.

  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Most of the younger people got hairdyes.

  • You Killed My Mother: What Masude believes the King of the Ocean did to her mother by ordering the Jellyfish Atlantean massacer.

Individual characters tropes. Spoiler inbounds. Also lots of peoples.

Time Travel Trouble




     King Philippe des Landes 

     Lilith Hylia (B S42) , (H B01) 

     Maria "Coralis" Sere 

     Lao Echo Claire 



    Damien "Delta 

Future Childs

    Armand "Armada" 

    Cassandra "Cassie" 

    Prince Charles des Landes 

    Eve (BS/32) 

    Mathilde "Mattie" 

Alternate Takes





     IRS "Iris" Sym 

     Elisabeth Swift 

     Alexander "Xander" Mc Queen 

     Balther Lisk 

     Sloane Lisk 

     Bleue Gel 

     Calurand Festolaor 

     Scarlet Velvet Jezebel 

     Alexandra C'rl 


     IRS "Iris" Sym 



     IRL "Ieral" Serv 

Space Race


     Kylo "Kyle" Prours 



     Ellay Aureo 

     Quezza Kurwn 



     Alice Vis 

     Ellay Aureo 




     The God-Emperor of the Galaxy Sagittarius A* 

Sea Stuck


     Carol Suba 


     Masude's Mom , Adult Masude 

     Rémy Sona 

     Flavio Talin 




     The Queen of the Abysses 


     Street Urchins 

     The King of the Oceans 

Outside the four main stories

Do note that all theses characters can be seen by two or more stories, during either sidequest or world exploration.



     Aztec Rave Monkey 

Bonus Bosses (Spoilers)

Tropes for the different locations.

The Starting World

The Nexus

    The different Time Period accessible via Chronocere 

The Middle Ages

The Lumiere Century


The 4th Dimention (SPOILERS)

The Future (SPOILERS)

    The Robotic Alternate Universe 

Common Psions are Barriere, Calor, Electra, Lumens and Scalpere.

    The Steampunk Alternate Universe 

Common Psions are Calor, Frigor, Lumens, Barriere and Persona

    The Fantasy Alternate Universe 

Common Psions are Calor, Frigor, Ventus, Barriere and Curare. Magic is present.

    The Outer Space 

SR 388

Tallon (Kepler-452b)

The homeworld of the Slimekins and the Viallies. A Super Earth hotter than Earth whose volcanic activity makes it very cloudy and rainy.

The Center of the Galaxy (Sagittarius A*)

    Earth's Seas 


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