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Johanna: Your wine, Doctor.
Dr. Explosion: Thank you.
— The only lines actually written for the film.

Project Plutonium is an amateur superhero film currently under production by DHOLLANDERmedia, an amateur production company that previously released A Day in Arne's Life and The Detective Story.

The story goes as follows, as quoted from DHOLLANDERmedia's Web site:

Willem De Pauw and his older brother, Daan, seem two regular students to the outside world, but in reality, they fight crime together with police detective Johanna Dumont. And they are no ordinary humans: Due to genetic mutation, they have super powers. Willem can run extremely fast and can jump amazingly high. Daan can lift entire buildings from their foundations. Johanna can move things using only her mind. However, after capturing a bank robber, the three have to face their worst enemy yet: Doctor Explosion, a deranged gamer obsessed with making things explode.


The director of the film is a troper, and can thus add examples before the film is finished.

The film, so far, contains examples of:

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