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Left to right, a homeless drunkard, a slutty actress, a cute boy, a moonshiner and a former monk
In the end, the real enlightment came from the strip clubs neon lights!!
Chin Soon-Park

Project Pascal is a comic book created by Alexandre Amorim (AKA Ashtray, o cinzento) in 2002. Said comic book was a personal project, in a manner of speaking. He never really published it. It was something made entirely for his entertainment. However, he felt that the lack of conclusion and countless cameos by himself and his neighbors into the comic book made the whole thing jump the shark over and over. Because of that, he stopped writing new stuff, dedicating only to occasional drawings of his old characters.

In 2010, by the influence of his former girlfriend, he decided to resume his work and retcon whatever was wrong and/or amiss. Because of that, he felt like writing a novel instead of drawing a comic book, like in 2002. This novel, called "Hunting Season" had three main goals:

  • Expand the universe.
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  • Make the plot more mature.
  • Finish the storyline that was started back in 2002.

The plot tells the story of five children who were born with special powers. Courtesy of their fathers, who were homeless men before being captured by an evil megacorp to be used as subjects of a research to discover a way to awaken the true potencial of humankind: To make normal people develop superpowers.Those four homeless subjects eventually flee from the facility where they were being held and go separate ways, settling down and even building themselves a family. They had five children(one of them had two), only to die due to side effects from the medication taken at the facility while captive.

The kids, somehow, managed to complete the process that their fathers were submitted to, developing the superpowers aimed by the corporation that caught the homeless men at the streets.


The original comic books covers the first part of the story, where the five kids meet, face their first dangers and eventually learn what exactly is the corporation that is hunting them down.

Hunting Season is set up right after a time skip of a year from the main events of the original comic books. This time, with the boys deciding not to run anymore and to take down the corporation that made their lives miserable over the past year.

While the original comic books can still be considered canon, Hunting Season became the most official work regarding the Project Pascal Universe, reviewing some ideas, concepts and facts depicted in the comic books, as part of the plan of maturing the plot.

There are rumors that Ashtray intend to convert the comic book part into a prequel novel, as well.

Both comic book and novel provides examples of:

  • Actor Allusion: Lexington and Livingston's appearances are pretty much based on actors Adrien Brody and Jeff Bridges.
  • Angst? What Angst?: Amanda. She spent the majority of her life without contact with the outside world and an extra year locked inside a tube to be used as a tracking device for her father and brother. She never shows any trauma.
  • Deus Angst Machina: After the Experiments escape the DSP, Ilkum find himself forced to abandon his friends and watch three of them die while trying to set them free from the harassment they all suffer. All while starting to consider that they are his true and only friends.
  • Downer Ending: The XGMF-019A eventually kills every character who has contact with it. Ilkum, Modius and Amanda only get to live 30 more years than the rest.
  • Fake Nationality: Ilkum, Chin and Eiji look Asian, but they are apparently Canadian.
  • For the Lulz: Of the five main characters, Modius is the only one who joins Ilkum for fun.
  • Not-So-Harmless Villain: Hernan. He starts out as a bratty boy who seeks his dad's acclaim. Later, we find out that he killed his father, took over control of Death Nest, and the times the Experiments got away were all because he let them escape
  • Painting the Fourth Wall: The Reader is invited by this page to imagine the characters dubbed by certain voice actors.
  • The Plan: Hernan leaked the location of the main base underwater, knowing that Eiji would eventually find it. Knowing so, he also left a sample of the XGMF-019A in one of the so-called "unimportant" bases, only so Eiji could steal them. Being a talented biologist, he could also predict the effects of the XGMF-019A on Eiji's system, predicting also that Eiji would be able to cancel anyone's powers. Including Andrew's! Ilkum's presence at the base was also predicted and found unimportant, since Hernan's real goal was to kill his father.
  • Rule of Cool:
    • Considering that Humkey needed to shave his head to grow his afro, there's no way his afro could get that big within a single year.
    • The Corvette Stingray of 1972 had only two seats; there’s no real explanation of how Ilkum managed to fit five people in it
  • Shout-Out: Several, considering who wrote this piece.
  • Ilkum Bartlett is named after Craig Bartlett.
  • The Homeless man who fathered Lenneth and Modius must have been a real geek!
  • Paul Brey was named after Dakota Star singer/guitarrist/bassist Alan Brey.
  • The District political division of the world is inspired by the Champions' District Five.
  • Title Drop: Project Pascal is also the name of the experiments that led to the events of both the comic book and the novel.
  • Time Skip: One year, between the events of the original comic books and the novel.

This is a Character Sheet for Project Pascal. Note that the characters have "Voice Actors". This happens because the author wanted to imagine voices for the characters. The entries are not to be taken seriously.

Or, you could just go back to the main page.

     The Five Experiments 
These are the sons of the homeless men who were abducted by Death Nest to be a part of Project Pascal's experiments. Ever since Death Nest discovered their existence, they are being hunted down so the cientists on Death Nest's labs can find out why they developed superpowers and are still alive.

Ilkum Bartlett

Starting Age: 16
Voice Actor: Kōki Uchiyama
Powers: Able to speed up or halt any chemical process
We will never be free like everybody else

He is the unofficial leader of the Experiments. Ilkum used to live with his mother and work at the family business. The Bartlett's Liquors. His mother knew from an early age what Ilkum could do and coached him into hasting the maturing process that an 12-year old whisky must go through, making their liquor, the best in all District Five. Since his mother got attacked by one of the Death Nest agents, he feels the need of keeping her safe, deciding then, to make a journey to find and protect all the other experiments. He starts out as a laid back boy who becomes more and more bitter after the time skip. This eventually prompts him to stop running and start fighting back in the novel.



Starting Age: 18
Voice Actor: Kazuki Yao
Powers: Emulate any animalistic feature
Bad idea, Homie!

Humkey is Ilkum's best friend. Of all the five Experiments, he's the one who never really had a family, being raised by prostitutes, who also dubbed him "Humkey" as were the remnant letters of a keymaker shop sign called "Humphrey's Keys", that got destroyed by a lightning bolt. It's unclear why he left the prostitutes. Years later, he found Ilkum and his mother, and started working for a roof and food. Nonetheless, he became fast friends with Ilkum and was the first to join him when he was gathering all the experiments.

He is loud, unpolite and sometimes, quite random at his thoughts... But nobody ever doubts that he's the most funny guy you'll ever meet.


Chin Soon-Park

Starting Age: 18
Voice Actor: Shinchiro Miki
Powers: Able to create and manipulate ice
In the end, the real enlightment came from the strip clubs neon lights!!

Chin was the second to be discovered by Ilkum in his journey. He was a monk, and like all monks, he had a quite restrained life. Even when Chin joins Ilkum he was very cold and calculist, and worried about keeping the customs back at the monastery. It all ended in the day when they found Lenneth and Modius. Lenneth was kinda bored and wanted to make Humkey jealous. And so, Chin lost his virginity. Ever since then, he started growing his hair, and became a heavy smoker, stoner and drinker, partying hard everytime he got the chance to do it.

Despite his newfound disdain for harmony and all the values taught at the monastery, he's still loyal and quite cold, when compared with his friends...


Lenneth Hastings

Starting Age: 17
Voice Actor: Ami Koshimizu
Powers: Able to manipulate and enfatuate all those lust for her

Lenneth is the older of the Hastings brothers, and the last to technically join Ilkum's party. She's selfish, bad tempered, bratty and, needless to say, slutty. While a decent actress, she actually believes she'll only get a part in some play/movie/TV show if she sleeps with the producers. At first, the only reason for her to join Ilkum was to take care of Modius, her little (and eager for adventure) brother, later on, she falls in love with the only person who doesn't seem affected by her powers: Humkey. Unfortunately, because of Humkey's lack of money, manners, and overall wit, she fights this feelings throughout the story, taking extreme measures (such as sleeping with Chin) to make him jealous.


Modius Hastings

Starting Age: 15
Voice Actor: Hiroshi Kamiya
Powers: Able to create energy bombs
Shit or leave the bush, you two!

Modius is the younger of the Hastings brothers. Unlike Lenneth, he's lighthearted, an all around nice guy who craves for one thing and one thing only: Action! Once Ilkum came to him, he never had any second thoughts about joining up his party. While rash and impulsive, he's also owner of an immense destructive power. He also supports Humkey in wooing his sister, because he thinks Humkey can teach Lenneth how to be humble.


    Death Nest, INC 
Death Nest is a corporation that deals with weapons and warfare. Back before the story begins, they were already the biggest arms dealers around. To consolidate their leadership in the market, they started researching what could change the way the wars were fought forever: A way to explore and awaken the true potential of the human being. According to them, an average human has the potential to develop superpowers, the same way as we learn how to ride a bicycle. They were the ones who kidnapped Ilkum and the others' fathers(and everyone around them) to use as subjects. While Death Nest has thousands of employees and private soldiers, the decisions are made only by the Hoyt family.

Andrew Hoyt

Starting Age: Unknown
Voice Actor: Norio Wakamoto
Powers: Able to animate, manipulate and merge into the shadows
Those five children are the answer

Andrew is the head of Death Nest, INC. He's a cold and ruthless man who seeks the power to rule behind the curtains. He's also very cynical and doesn't hide that he deals with weapons and sell them to both sides. He believes that since he's rich and powerful enough to defend himself, he can force the whole world to embrace him as a necessary evil.


Hernan Hoyt

Starting Age: 20
Voice Actor: Daisuke Namikawa
Powers: Able to increase or decrease his own weight
My wealth doesn't need to outlive ME!

Hernan is the eldest of Andrew's sons. He is introduced as a guy who wants nothing but to impress his father. Later on, we discover his hidden depths, and his feelings towards Ilkum and his little sister Amanda. He eventually kills Andrew and takes over the control of Death Nest and the good part of the world's military. But then, he's also confused because he doesn't know what to do with all that power when he conquers all


Amanda Hoyt

Starting Age: 19
Voice Actor: Yukari Fukui
Powers: Able to connect her mind to anyone exposed to the XGMF-019A
I'll take you out of here. Will you take me with you?

Amanda is the youngest daughter of Andrew Hoyt. She had little contact with the outside world or even Andrew himself. Hernan was her only company for most of her life. She is very instructed, despite her lack of savviness of everyday life. Due to her lack of social skills, she is quite confused at first, when she encounters Ilkum, not realizing that he was a hostage. Something she makes up for as soon as she understands why Ilkum is there.


    Districtal Secret Police - DSP 
The DSP, or Districtal Secret Police, is the main force of the law enforcement of District Five. It's a corrupt force at some extent, as we see the President of District Five plotting with Andrew Hoyt and later on, disposing the DSP after Ilkum and the boys.Little is known about the force itself, since the novel only shows the special manhunt division.

Daniel Livingston

Starting Age: 49
Voice Actor: Tohru Furuya
Powers: None
Who the hell do you think you are? Fucking James Bond?

Livingston is the corrupt director of the Special Manhunt division of the DSP. He has a fixation with geeky goods.


Paul Brey

Starting Age: 22
Voice Actor: Mamoru Miyano
Powers: Electric fists
Sorry! I don't have. Be my guest

Paul is a DSP agent. He and Anabella are partners in the Special Manhunt Division. They were promoted from their street cop positions from another story written by Ashtray before the events of Project Pascal, making them canon immigrants. While Anabella eventually became insane, cýnical and cruel, Paul is still a good cop on the inside, making him argue with the corrupt Livingston and the cruel Anabella most of the times, since he's not really okay with what he must do to find people he judges innocent.


Anabella Spinelli

Starting Age: 20
Voice Actor: Yuko Kaida
Powers: Telekinesis
What will you do about it, Sissy!?

Paul's partner at DSP. Unlike Paul, her promotion led her to extreme boredom, followed by a unusual growth of cruelty and madness. She likes being a cop and believes that the weak should die.



Eiji Kasugano

Starting Age: 22
Voice Actor: Jun Fukuyama
Powers: Able to cancel the effects of XGMF-019A
When you take everything from a man, except his life, you condemn him to a Fate Worse than Death

Back when Death Nest came on the homeless village to pick up the Experiments' fathers, the whole village was kidnapped or killed in the process. Eiji is an orphan who survived that event. He was rescued by a Death Nest soldier named Emma. While he was trained and raised by her, his hate and determination made him master many types of combat, hacking, infiltration and espionage. Now, he seeks revenge for what happened with the village, his parents and everyone who got captured or killed. He also feels that the Experiments are a menace that can't be underestimated and must also die.


Arthur Lexington

Starting Age: 34
Voice Actor: Shuuichi Ikeda
Powers: None
I foresee only two paths if things go this way: Human weapons and eugenics!

Arthur Lexington is a congressman who represents the District Five. He became known for his speeches that support ethics and peace. Ilkum sees in him a way to dismantle the Death Nest organization when he watches Lexington speak in the TV. Lexington is a very honest and passionate politician, unlike many of his colleagues. He eventually becomes president of the District Five


Elizabeth Bartlett

Starting Age: 43
Voice Actor: Tomoko Shiota
Powers: None
Go, my son! I'll be fine!

Elizabeth is the mother of Ilkum Bartlett. She's also the owner of Bartlett's Liquors. When Ilkum sets up to travel and find the other Experiments, she fakes a property transfer to Martha Baker, so Ilkum could be more at ease about her safety. She also adopted Humkey when he wandered about her lands, begging for food.



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