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"We had to face the facts. There was nobody we could trust, other than ourselves. Anyone else would want us dead... Not that we could really die in the first place."

Project KOKORO is currently a manga/story that's currently being written by a lazy authoress.

20 Minutes into the Future, humans rely on robots for just about everything domestically. Project KOKORO was a government project intending to use sentient androids as super soldiers.


Three guesses how that turned out.

Now the government wants to get rid of all of these androids for staging such a rebellion. This leaves six five newly created androids (A.M.B.E.R., D.A.R.I.A., S.A.R.A.H., M.A.R.C.E.L.A, and D.R.A.C.O.) to flee, only hoping to find some place where they'll be accepted. As the plot goes along, the androids run into a very corrupt church, obstructive bureaucrats, and a General Ripper by the name of Kaden Noll.

Main characters are a Five-Man Band consisting of


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