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"Time for Time Force!"

The twenty third instalment of the Power Rangers Redverse written by Mad Red X 12, a adaptation of the actual Power Rangers Time Force. By the year 3001 AD, Earth has evolved into a technologically advanced society rivalling Eltar and Edenoi, and has even discovered and thoroughly developed Time Travel. To prevent possible abuses of this technology, it is regulated by Time Force, an international organization that also captures dangerous Mutants and holds them in cryogenic stasis. The only mutant left is Ransik, a evil terrorist mastermind with plans to go back in time to have mutants rule the world. During a siege on his headquarters led by Time Force leader Logan Daniels, Ransik is defeated by Logan's son Alex using a experimental, highly advanced (by the standards of the 31st Century!) piece of technology known as a Chrono Morpher, of which there are only five in existence. Ransik is detained and sent off to be frozen, but during the transportation, his spoiled daughter Nadira and their alien mafia friends Gluto and Lira bust him out. Ransik and his crew go on to take all the cryogenically frozen mutants from the Londerz Cryo-Prison, the largest cryo-prison in existence, and use its time travel capabilities to travel back to the year 2001 AD. Alex, taking responsibility for the fact that they got away on his watch, collects the other four Chrono Morphers and breaks protocol by travelling a thousand years back into the past using a experimental Time Shuttle. However, unable to control the vehicle, he crashes into a forest and is severely injured.


Enter Jennifer "Jen" Scotts, Lucas Kendall, Katie Walker and Trip Regis, a quartet of teenage True Companions who by chance just so happened to have been playing baseball in the woods where Alex crashlanded and stumble upon the Time Shuttle. There, they find the unconscious Alex and drag him back to Katie's house, taking most of the tech with them. When Ransik arrives and attacks the town of Silver Hills, the four attempt to fight him and accidently wind up unlocking the other Chrono Morphers, which are designed to only activate to someone with a certain bio-signature, and find themselves with superhuman abilities as they battle Ransik's Cyclonian army. Alex regains consciousness just in time to help them, and together they morph into the Time Force Rangers and fend off Ransik's initial invasion force.


Alex heads back and picks up the Time Shuttle, learning that due to the damage it sustained it cannot travel back to the future, but can still travel back into the past, which just so happens to be where Ransik and his gang are planning to attack next. The five then band together and fight the mutants across time, while also dealing with their personal problems such as Alex having to adapt to being so far away from home and Jen's strained relationship with her emotionally abusive, obsessed-with-making-a-profit mother. They later acquire the help of Alex's 21st century ancestor Wesley Collins, who fights with the powers of the Quantum Morpher, and Wes's bodyguard Eric Myers in fighting the mutants across the time-space continuum.

A major theme in the series is the nature of fate. Alex, being from a period where Time Travel has been extensively researched, is resigned to the fact that the future is entirely predetermined. On the other hand, the other Rangers from the present day are determined to change their own destinies: Jen wishes to break free from the future that has been decided for her since her mother found on the road as a baby, while the others all want to gain strength in a world where connections and nepotism mean more than hard work. Eventually, the team discover that there's a connection between them that none would have realised, that the future in Millennium City isn't as rosy as one would expect, and that someone has been plotting everything in their adventures down to the last second, and in the end either destiny will be screwed, or they will.


The Time Force Rangers:

The Mutant Liberation League and their allies:

Recurring Power Rangers Redverse Tropes:

Tropes specific to Time Force:

  • 1 Million B.C.: The Rangers go back here a few times.
  • Actor Allusion: In addition to Ransik's behind the scenes Wez cosplaying, in the scene where the Rangers stumble into a wardrobe while Trapped in TV Land and end up in different costumes, Jen winds up Rebecca Chamber's outfitnote .
  • Adaptation Expansion: The Rangers actually time travel often throughout the series, although much of the series is still set in 2001.
  • Adaptational Curves: Both inverted and played straight. On one hand, Jen and Katie are both designed to be less curvy than in the original, in order to emphasise the fact that they're teenagers instead of adults. On the other hand, Katie, who was originally portrayed as being simply boyish-figured, is borderline Amazonian here in order to emphasise her The Big Guy role.
  • Adaptational Heroism:
  • Adaptational Species Change: The mutants look much less like aliens (except when they go giant) and more like actual mutant humans. Trip is also a human rather than a Human Alien, whereas Gluto, the only villain whose design is completely unchanged, is a alien.
  • Adaptational Ugliness: Nadira. Whereas in the original she was a moderately attractive human with no visible mutations, here she's covered in blue gangrenous sores, has no nose with small slits in the place of one, and like how her adoptive father needs to take his serum to combat Venomark's poison, she needs to inject herself with DNA samples to keep herself from melting away into nothing. The reason behind this is because she was made up of a pool of leftover DNA from when Alex was born and unlike the other mutants doesn't have enough actual DNA of her own to remain stable by herself.
  • Adult Fear: Seriously, imagine this: you have a argument with your spouse, and they leave for work angry at you. Then, later that day, you learn that they were killed in a bombing by the same terrorist you've been trying to track down for months. Then, months later, you learn that your beloved's still alive, so badly mutilated that you can barely even recognise them, and that they blame you and are out for your blood - and have the skills and tools to do so.
  • Agent Scully: Alex, being from the future, will always attempt to explain how "magical" things are really advanced technology or Applied Phlebotinum. While he's usually right, there are some times, such as with the Black Knight, where he isn't.
  • The Artifact: Gluto and his wife Lila being aliens. In Timeranger, all the villains were aliens. In Time Force, Gluto was a mutant. Here, all the mutants have been given more human-like (albeit deformed) designs, making the blatantly inhuman Gluto and Lila stand out a bit more.
  • Bad with the Bone: Much like in the original, Ransik can pull bones out of his body and use them as weapons, although he's shown turning them into bows, axes, daggers, lances and slingshots as well as swords.
  • Badass Beard of Evil: Even in flashbacks to his childhood, Ransik is always shown as having one.
  • Bar Brawl: While hunting for Dymonbac in The Wild West, Alex and Trip get themselves involved in one.
  • Been There, Shaped History:
  • Body Horror: All of the mutants' deformities:
    • Ransik retains his original deformities and burnt arms, but this time he has Nemesis-like Combat Tentacles growing out of his back.
    • Nadira... well, see Adaptational Ugliness above.
    • Miracon has a exposed green brain pulsating at the top of his head.
    • Medicon has NO SKIN, forcing him to reside within a robotic suit.
    • Artillicon has what looks like metal growing over most of his body.
    • Ironspike has enormous muscles, especially in his arms and torso. His bones also seem to be beefed up as shooting him in the head only served to piss him off even more.
    • Reihou has blue skin, a disproportionate left eye and visible yellow veins running along her lower body.
    • Conwing has a discoloured face and is so horribly emancipated that you can see his entire skeleton, which has no ribs and only three fingers per hand.
    • Catthief has green reptilian skin that flakes off at times.
    • Tentaclaw is a purple-skinned head on fingers who uses a mech to get around.
    • Gougan has red eyes and is covered in visible, glowing red veins.
    • Izout has a mouth with More Teeth than the Osmond Family that takes up most of his face.
    • Samurhive has three eyes, each atop the other, and no visible mouth.
    • Severax has no left hand and a giant blade-like bone in its place, protruding out of his skin.
    • Flamecon has weird pale skin with purple lumps covering it and Black Eyes of Crazy.
    • Redeye, like her name suggests, has a single cycloptic red eye on the right side of her head.
    • And that's not even touching Notacon or the X-Gang, who are so badly mutated that they don't even look remotely human.
    • When a mutant grows gigantic and mutates, they become completely inhuman (due to their giant designs using the original mutant designs from the original show) and most of the time, their outfit or weapon fuses with their body.
    • Venomark's venom is capable of causing your skin to turn silver and boil.
  • Bullet Time
  • Character Development: This series is all about the Character Development - let's take a look, shall we?
  • Chekhov's Gun:
    • Julia.
  • Computer Voice: Gien speaks in one.
  • Cursed with Awesome: Several mutants. Miracon is a good example - his mutation is a Improbably High I.Q., and aside from his giant exposed green brain, he looks almost human.
  • Designer Babies: Every human from the future is one, although they're still born naturally via being implanted into a womb. The Mutants are failures of the genetic engineering process.
  • Family-Unfriendly Violence: The Redverse is no stranger to this trope, but Time Force really cranks this trope Up to Eleven
  • Fish out of Temporal Water: While Alex manages to adjust to his temporal displacement a lot better than most examples, he does still frequently run into difficulties, such as being unable to drive a car (or even really know what a car is), referring to Destiny's Child as "classical music" and getting confused looks from people around him, and not knowing how to work a payphone (this leads to a funny moment where he winds up smashing the payphone in a fit of rage)
  • Flashed-Badge Hijack
  • Limited Wardrobe: Justified with Alex, as he only has one uniform he brought from the future. Played straight in that the other main Rangers all wear the same outfits day in day out:
    • Jen: Pink t-shirt, grey leather jacket, white pants
    • Lucas: Blue shirt, black jacket, black pants
    • Katie: Yellow shirt, black vest, green pants
    • Trip: Green t-shirt, orange coat, cerulean pants, black hat
  • Lovely Angels: Jen and Katie.
  • Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy: Katie and Trip.
  • Mythology Gag / Shout-Out:
    • There are a lot of references to Mirai Sentai Timeranger, Time Force's Sentai source, thrown in throughout the series:
      • When the Rangers morph, the Timeranger instrumental plays.
      • Gluto being a alien mafia don.
      • The entire existence of Lila, who is now a separate character from Nadira.
      • One of Wes's finishers is called "Time Fire".
      • Gien shares the same name as her Sentai counterpart, although in terms of both personality and backstory, she's more similar to Frax.
      • Logan being behind everything as revealed at the end is similar to his Sentai counterpart. However, there is a massive dosage of Adaptational Heroism involved - whereas Ryuya tried to alter the timestream to save his own ass, Logan wants to change time to protect his children.
    • There are plenty of references to previous Power Rangers seasons as well:
      • The Battle Fire Battilizer's finisher is similar to the Lightspeed Megazord's.
  • Never Say "Die": AVERTED.
  • Related in the Adaptation: Kind of averted - whereas in the original it was uncertain whether or not Nadira was Ransik's biological or adopted daughter, here she's explicitly stated to be adopted.
  • San Dimas Time
  • Technology Marches On: In-universe whenever Alex has to use 21st century technology.
  • Un-Robotic Reveal: At the end of the third season, the Rangers and Ransik all begin to realise that Gien could actually be a human or mutant wearing robotic Powered Armour. They're half-right - Gien is actually a Cyborg.
  • The Age of Dinosaurs: The Q-Rex was lost in this era. Wes and Eric get sent there by accident when they attack Commandocon and manage to survive by hiding within the Q-Rex and putting themselves in stasis for 65 Million Years until right before they were sent back in time.
  • Ugly Guy, Hot Wife: Gluto and Lira.
  • You Gotta Have Green Hair: Trip. Unlike most examples, it's explicitly stated that he uses hair dye.
  • Zeerust: Alex has this reaction when Lucas and Trip show him Terminator 2: Judgment Day.
    Alex: Oh yeah, sure, this is totally what 2029 was like. Robot wars and some moron in shades running around quipping. (snorts)

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