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"Suit up!"

The thirteenth instalment of the Power Rangers Redverse written by Mad Red X 12, using suit designs from Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman. When teenage Toby Merville, Ken Moore and Allison Watkins break into a seemingly abandoned mansion to recover a baseball, they find an elevator which they descend down, discovering that the mansion was in fact built to hide the buried Magma Base. In the Magma Base, they come across the owners and residents of the base - Otto Sparks, a ten year old genius with a allergy to sunlight, and Digit, a Ridiculously Human Robot created by his late parents to care for him. Soon after, the alien New Lunar Organization, an evil empire that enslaves planets and has set its sights on Earth, which they intend to claim as their 1000th planet conquered. Fortunately, Otto and Digit have been tracking the New Lunar Organization for a while now, and have been developing morphers, weapons and Zords that wield The Power of the Sun to fight them - with Otto and Digit already having the Red and Yellow Solar Ranger powers respectively, Toby, Ken and Allison are selected, by virtue of being the first people to enter the mansion, to be the Blue, Black and Pink Solar Rangers. After some difficulty adapting to this new responsibility, the three are able to master their new powers and battle the evil New Lunar Organization. With the aid of some surprising allies gathered along the way, the Solar Rangers battle to protect their home from the alien invaders.


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