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"Explode into action!"

The sixth instalment of the Power Rangers Redverse written by Mad Red X 12, using suit designs from Kagaku Sentai Dynaman. The far-away planet Dynas has been taken over by its own corrupted Council of Science, who enslave the planet and set out to take over the galaxy. While many attempt to escape their tyrant-held planet, only one shuttle holding a young mother and her two children escapes, crashing on the distant planet Earth, where a teenage boy shelters them in his father's observatory. However, the Council of Science follows them and awakens a pair of Youkai lords from a sealed tomb, also releasing the ninja who sealed them away centuries ago. With the Council of Science declaring war on Earth, the five band together to form the Dynas Rangers, acquiring some allies along the way, and must fight the Council of Science to spare Earth of Dynas's fate.


The Dynas Rangers:

  • Cody Lake/Red Dyna Ranger: The Hero, the son of a genetic engineer and astronomer scientist who was born with peak human senses thanks to his embryo being tampered with. Suffering from Parental Neglect, he finds Shima, Nango and Rei in their escape pod and takes them to live at The Observatory. Having a fascination with vehicles, he aspires to create a engine that does not cause pollution and can let one travel across the universe.
  • Ryu Hoshikawa/Black Dyna Ranger: The Lancer, a master Ninja who thousands of years ago sealed away the Youkai warlords Kar and Sufink at the sacrifice of sealing himself inside their prison as well. Released alongside the Youkai when they were released by Aton, he continues his quest to stop the demonic duo whilst adapting to being 2,000 years into the future. An ancient astronomer, he dreams of being able to go into outer space and see an alien planet.
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  • Shima/Blue Dyna Ranger: The Big Guy, the elder brother of Nango and son of Rei. He's the only one of the three to actually miss home despite it being taken over. While he's a Sore Loser, he is an expert combatant and can build and wield any weapon with ease. Developing a passion for surfing and ocean exploration while on Earth, he wishes to make artificial gills so he and others can experience aquatic adventures in their fullest.
  • Nango/Yellow Dyna Ranger: The Chick, the younger sister of Shima and daughter of Rei. A cowboy hat-clad All-Loving Hero who is often the first to make a plan, but her idealism leaves her mentally fragile. She has a talent with genetic and chemical engineering. Having a interest in botany while on Earth, she begins seeking to develop new breeds of plants that can help many planets.
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  • Rei/Pink Dyna Ranger: The Leader, Smart Guy and Team Mom, the mother of Shima and Nango who hijacked a shuttle to get herself and her children off Dynas when it was taken over. She is highly protective of her two children and always supports them in following their dreams. Her ambition is to communicate with animals across the universe (but is scared of cats).

Their Allies are:

  • Dr. Ho: A colleague of Cody's father and the creator of the Gene-Splitting Machine, which was stolen by the Council of Science and used to create their monsters. He serves as a surrogate father figure to Cody.
  • The Comic Relief Machine: An old project of Rei's that was reactivated when the Dynaians crashed on Earth. Its purpose is self-explanatory.

And they're up against:

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