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"Go Bio!"

The seventh instalment of the Power Rangers Redverse written by Mad Red X 12, using suit designs from Choudenshi Bioman. When a advanced alien empire known as the Conglomerate begins making plans to invade Earth, believing that taking the Insignificant Little Blue Planet will secure them enough control of the universe to defeat any opposition. In order to break down the enemy defences, they realise that exploiting the fact that Children Are Innocent will be their best bet and abduct five pre-teens from Long Beach, California in order to modify them into obedient cyborgs. However, before the final controlling chip can be implanted into their brains, the scientist in charge of the procedure is attacked by a (seemingly) malfunctioning robot arm, enabling the kids to not only escape, but also grab Morphers that just happened to have been part of said scientist's failed Super Soldier program which kept killing the alien test subjects, but work just fine on the kids, enabling them to transform into suited adult forms with superpowers. The quintet escape back to Earth, stealing some weapons and vehicles from the Conglomerate along the way, and begin their war against the aliens. As they gain new allies and enemies, the young Rangers are the galaxy's last hope to defeat the Conglomerate and restore peace to the planet.


The Bionic Rangers:


Their Allies are:

And they're up against:

Recurring Power Rangers Redverse Tropes:

Tropes specific to Bionic Force:

  • Badass Adorable: Well, they are still kids at the end of the day (even if they turn into adults when they morph).
  • Kid-Appeal Character: Averted - despite the core team being comprised entirely of children, all are written to have their own personalities without being too "hip" or attractive to kids.
  • Mythology Gag: Multiple names from the cancelled Bio-Man adaptation pilot, such as Victor Lee (the name of the Red Ranger), Frankie Silardi (whose first name comes from the Dynaman dub's Dyna Blue and surname is from Tom Silardi, who portrated the Blue Ranger), Becky Staples (a shortening of Rebecca Staples, who portrayed the Pink Ranger), Zadar (the name of the villain and Doctor Man's counterpart), and the "Biorhythms".

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