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A Pokémon Red romhack by Wax still under work.
The plot is simple: you, an eleven-year-old sheltered slave, are offered your very first Mon by Oak, who is the sole person of authority in the lost Pallet Town. He gives you the choice between Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle. His own grandson, The Rival, is put behind, just so he can outplay you and pick the mon that is efficient against yours.
In exchange for this mon, Oak wants you to fill his Pokedex's data by catching all the Pokemon from the Kanto region. All of this while your rival gets out to defeat the Pokemon Gym Leaders, collect their badges and beat the Elite Four to become the Champion, thereby granting Oak power over all the Kanto Region.
Along the way, you'll have to deal with another Pokemon-related world takeover attempt: Team Rocket also exists and Giovanni tries to upstage everyone by catching ghost Pokemon, forcing mass-production of Master Balls for his personal use, and becoming a Gym Leader.
Eventually, The Rival becomes the Champion by using Pokemon over level 100, most notable of which Mewtwo, who isn't catchable in this hack because it is the Final Boss.


Pokemon Ass Version's story contains examples of:


    The Protagonist 

Tropes associated with The Protagonist:

    The Protagonist's Mother 

Tropes associated with The Protagonist's mother:

    The Rival 

Tropes associated with The Rival:

    Samuel Oak 

Tropes associated with Oak:

  • Bad Boss: He treats everyone like crap. Even The Rival is just a pawn for him, which ends up biting him in the ass when his grandson turns on him due to going It's All About Me too.
  • Complexity Addiction: Forces the main character to go fill the Pokedex while Gary can become Champion all he wants. He could've just shot him but no, he forces half of the world's hatred on a guy who has to complete, by said guy's words, "the shittiest sidequest ever". Which hands him the opportunity to foil his plans. Way to go.
  • Expy: To Vince McMahon, except he takes the "I am the devil himself!" claim and runs with it.
  • Obligatory Swearing: On one of the game's earliest lines.
    "My name is Oak. Samuel FUCKING Oak!"
  • Troll: He let a sign in Viridian Forest behind a grass patch that says "You wasted time reading it.".
    Gym Leaders 

Tropes associated with the Gym Leaders:

Tropes associated with Brock:

Tropes associated with Misty:

Tropes associated with Surge:

  • Darker and Edgier: He threatens to zap you and beat your teeth out of your mouth, as well as butchering your Pokemon like in a slasher movie.
    • Which is surprisingly close to his dialogue in the French version of the original game.
  • Eagleland: Type 2, though he's not fat, but has the self-centeredness, aggressiveness and obnoxiousness to count.

Tropes associated with Erika:

Tropes associated with Koga:

  • Catch Phrase: Just like Naruto, believe it!
  • Defeat Means Friendship: Expects this from the main character.
  • Easily Forgiven: Invokes this, but the main character still doesn't like him.
  • The Maze: His version of it has a blatant opening right in front of the entrance.
  • Troll: If you walk directly into him, he'll talk forever about how hard the trials were while there's an opening right next to him, and you can take it.

Tropes associated with Sabrina:

Tropes associated with Blaine:

  • Angst: See My Greatest Failure for why. There's a reason he sheltered himself in his gym.
  • Cool Old Guy: He has a bit of a nasty streak and another angsty streak, but that aside he's the same Blaine we know.
  • Heroic BSoD: Is in the middle of one, and the main character has to snap him out of it.
  • My Greatest Failure: This game runs with the "Blaine created Mewtwo" theories.

Tropes associated with Giovanni:

(see Team Rocket folder)
    Elite Four 

Tropes associated with the Elite Four:

Tropes associated with Lorelei:

  • The Ditz: Taking a page from Cirno, who is associated with ice.
  • Dumb Muscle: Not as straightforward as Bruno, but she counts. Her team has levels in the 100s. Yes, above 100. But she still is really stupid.
  • Verbal Tic: She's got lisp.

Tropes associated with Bruno:

Tropes associated with Agatha:

  • Never Say "Die": The most vehement defier of the trope, mentioning killing the main character and the Oaks quite often in her dialogue. And yes, she asks you to kill your rival.
  • Psycho Ex-Girlfriend: To Oak. She's the lesser evil of the two, really.
  • Reformed, but Not Tamed: When she acknowledges the main character.

Tropes associated with Lance:

    Team Rocket 

Tropes associated with Team Rocket:

  • Angrish: Some of them devolve into them for their defeat.
  • The Four Gods: There are four Rocket brothers, and in this hack they're named Tiger, Bird, Turtle and Drach.
  • Funetik Aksent: Many of them think they're black or something.

Tropes associated with Giovanni:

Pokemon Ass Version's gameplay contains examples of:

  • Always Someone Better: [Insert name of rival here] Motherfucking Oak still always shows up ahead of you.
  • Be Careful What You Wish For: To all of those who wanted Dragon-type Charizard, you got it... except the other starters too become Dragon-type, along with so many Pokemon that the Dragon-type becomes almost commonplace, with weaknesses to avoid half the mons being Game-Breaker tier, making Charizard the same Glass Cannon as before with weaknesses just as blatant.
  • Bonus Boss: Mew in the depths of Cerulean Cave. Though, if you're expecting a fight, the thing is level 64 where you've likely defeated more-than-twice-as-strong Mewtwo, so it won't put up a fight of any sort.
    • Though, it makes capturing it much harder.
  • Character Select Forcing: Defied in your starter choice. Despite the buffed stats, Venusaur isn't the starter of choice it is in the original game, mainly because Brock uses an Aerodactyl. Charmander also has an easier time against Brock due to getting Dragon-type attacks (with STAB) much earlier than the other starters.
  • Com Mons: Rattata (and its evolution Raticate when you progress through the game) is still almost everywhere, especially in early-game zones, and mostly on the highest spot on the wild Pokemon list for any place, meaning you have around 25% chance of meeting one anywhere. This is much less than in the original game, but much more than any individual evolutionary line in the whole game. While the Com Mons aspect is downplayed, all Com Mons Took a Level in Badass.
    • Zubat got his status lampshaded on a panel in Mt.Moon, despite not quite being as frequent an encounter in this ROM.
      "Goddamn ZUBAT warning!"
  • Critical Hit: Couldn't be nerfed. All instant-crit moves have lost power as a result.
  • Damn You, Muscle Memory!: Some Pokemon had their whole typing changed, most notably Ninetales, which from a pure Fire-type became a Ghost/Rock-type. Also, all stone and trade-related evolutions (but Eevee who still evolves with stones) and are changed to simple level-up evolutions which, due to the easy nature of the first levels, are bumped up. In consequence, not only using a Leaf Stone will not work to evolve your Exeggcute, you'll need to grind it up to level 47 to have an Exeggutor. Also, stopping evolutions is useless: any Pokemon learn all their possible attacks before evolving.
  • Dummied Out: Averted: Mew was this in the original rom, but it is in Mewtwo's place in this hack. Mewtwo itself isn't dummied out: it's uncatchable, but it's the Final Boss.
  • Fake Ultimate Mook: Onix's status as this was defied, since it's been heavily buffed. Still somewhat as its base stat total is the lowest possible of all evolved Pokémon.
  • Fixed Damage Attack: All taken off of this hack, aside from attacks that halve HP, which are much more numerous, since on top of Super Fang, there is now Toxic, Psywave, Submission and Confuse Ray.
  • Final Boss: The Rival, and his Pokemon being at levels you can never reach as well as having Mewtwo while you can not get any Pokemon that's as strong as it makes due for the fact that his mons have no EVs.
  • Glitch Entity : MissingNo is still here, and an easy way to farm these Rare Candies.
  • Guide Dang It!: The way Oak gives you 5 Pokeballs still isn't mentioned. You need to beat The Rival on Route 22 before buying any Pokeball or getting more caught data (by evolving your starter).
    • Several facts about the story mentioned in this page are only stated by Word of God.
  • Hello, [Insert Name Here]: Well, duh.
  • Holding Back the Phlebotinum: Inverted: The League's levels are over 100 simply because they can, and your rival's Mewtwo is level 128.
  • Infinity +1 Element: Dragon-type is changed to be this. As a defensive type, it's only weak to itself. As an offensive type, almost nothing resists it, and it is one of the few types to have a super-powerful, no-risk attack in Hyper Beam.
  • Level Grinding: While the enemies' levels (and the evolution levels too) are much higher, this is made much easier by several factors:
    • All mons maximum experience is 800000 instead of the standard 1000000, or more.
    • Non-fully-evolved Mons give much more EXP (a 128 to 45 ratio), making early level grinding around three times as fast.
    • You can actually enter Diglett's Cave before you fight Brock. The levels of the 'mons in this cave hover around the high-twenties or low-thirties, which you can reach by that point with some Level Grinding.
    • In Saffron City, you can buy Rare Candies, which can give your 'mons their last few levels.
  • Magikarp Power: Except there's no absurdly weak critter anymore: even Magikarp itself gets respectable stats (though the ATK stat required to use Tackle definitely isn't its forte).
  • Nerf: Some Generation I things had to be heavily nerfed.
    • The Special stat has been heavily reduced (at least relatively because of the huge general stat increase) for most non-legendary Pokemon.
    • Psychic-types: Their weakness to Ghost is put in the ROM properly (it wasn't a bug, but a programming error, easy to rectify) and Ghost-types are much more common, as well as resistant to it. And all of the makeshift counters that were used in Gen I were buffed: Jolteon with Pin Missile as the move always hits for high damage (as much as if your normal Pin Missile always hit 5 times), and some Fighting-types had their Special stat more-than-doubled (most notably Hitmonchan).
      • The Psychic move itself was nerfed. In that most moves received a huge powerup, and its power, while increased, is now relatively low.
      • Alakazam deserves special mention again: its 250 base Special, even with the stat increase, results in such Crippling Overspecialization to the point that its Speed got nerfed (instead of being in the third-most Speed tier, it's now around the 100th place counting non-fully-evolved 'mons, 65th tied when counting only fully-evolved 'mons) in a game that applied a 150% modifier to most bases. While you can still get one just as early (though Abra can only be found on Route 24), it's much harder to solo the game with it since its low Speed and Defense greatly hinder it.
      • Mewtwo is somewhat nerfed too despite his unobtainability. Most of its stats are relatively decreased, except Attack since it tries to fill the niche of both Mega-Mewtwos. And its Amnesia now only upgrades Special by one rank.
      • Mew is not nerfed the slightest bit, aside from the hardship of catching him due to the Special stat changes altering the requirements for the Mew glitch to actually cause an encounter with Mew (it's still possible to get one just as early), forcing you to either beat the game or get beat across Cerulean Cave if you want to get it before the League. In the event you use the Mew glitch to get it, it will not only know Pound as usual, but it has Psywave (which halves your HP), Night Shade (here a flinch move) and Psybeam.
      • Exeggutor's Special stat was nerfed, and due to its type-change giving it more weaknesses and a relatively reduced HP stat, it can't take beatings too well, and its base Speed isn't reliable at all.
      • Slowbro lost Amnesia's brokenness, making it lose most of its high-level ability.
    • Double Team. Evasion boosts disappear from this hack. All this move gives now is a simple Defense boost.
      • Minimize has been triply nerfed. All sprite-change moves are hacked to be self-kill moves with minimal or zero damage that absolutely nobody can learn properly.
    • The Toxic + Leech Seed combination doesn't work since Toxic's effect has been changed to halving the opponent's HP instead of heavy poisoning.
    • High critical-ratio moves' power have been relatively nerfed (read:buffed less), though they're still viable to be spammed, with damage that can't be lowered and is still the best this side of Hyper Beam.
    • Blizzard. While freezing is removed, it's still a force to be reckoned with since if it hits, you still get a 30% flinch chance, meaning it can still act as a death sentence on a faster Pokémon.
    • Jolteon, despite its Psychic-counteracting buffs (usable Pin Missile, and a Normal type that resists Psychic in this hack), has taken a relative hit to its Special stat.
    • Wrap-trapping doesn't exist, limiting stunlock Death of a Thousand Cuts to flinch moves, that are much less guaranteed.
    • Normal-type isn't the best offensive type in the game given the much more common spread of Rock (most Pokémon evolving by stones become Rock-type) and Ghost-types. Also, since all Standard Status Ailments were removed, Body Slam trades the 30% paralysis for a 30% flinch rate and has a lowered base power, and Hyper Beam being Dragon-type means no STAB on it for Normal-types except now-Normal-Dragon-type Tauros.
    • Earthquake is less a catch-all offensive move now that it has 10% flinch and Poison isn't weak to Ground.
    • Snorlax got its special unchanged despite the massive increase in stats and it has relatively weaker HP than normal, but its Defense has massively increased. The Amnesia nerf means that its Special-tanking ability greatly suffers.
    • Chansey got more Attack and Defense, but it's really nerfed by comparison to the original game. Its Special-walling dominance is also put to a stop with its HP being unchanged from the original (due to being close to the cap).
    • Tauros keeps its very solid stats, but almost every other 'mon got buffed to its level (or close), and it got the Dragon type added to its Normal type, giving him an additional weakness to Dragon; and since it's specially-based, a newly-Dragon-typed Hyper Beam will take it out in one hit and he can use it less well due to its still weak Special stat. This, and Fighting-type moves being more common and Fighting-type 'mons being buffed means it can be beaten much more easily.
    • Persian got nerfed too, by becoming a Ground-type (making its status as ground specialist Giovanni's ace more legit) and consequently gaining more weaknesses. It underwent a stat spread change, with much more Attack but much less Speed, and Slash's power was relatively nerfed too. Besides, the much higher number of Ghost-types and Rock-types make STAB Slash much less threatening.
    • Starmie's Special nerf and its newfound Rock type makes it much weaker, because of the additional Fighting and Ground-type weaknesses.
  • One-Hit Kill: Somewhat defied. One-hit-KO moves are changed to be simply very powerful, no-effect moves. They can still easily result in OHKOs.
  • Power Trio: Not only the starters and the Eeveelutions, but several other Pokemon have been reworked as such, sharing similar stats (not the stat spread though).
    • Parasect, Rapidash and Seadra now make one, with the same type as the starters (including the Dragon-type at their final levels of evolution). They become Pokémon of choice for your rival, since he gets one of them depending on your own starter, and Lance whips out all three of them.
    • Jynx, Electabuzz and Magmar are also treated as one.
  • Sequence Breaking: The 7 first Gyms can be beaten in any order. Even Brock can be skipped since the guy who blocks your path doesn't realize there's a sneaky path just behind him. You don't need Cut to go to Surge and Erika's Gyms, making the Misty fight skippable. You also don't need Surf anymore to go to Cinnabar and beat Blaine.
  • Spam Attack: Attacks that could hit up to 5 times in the same turn were taken off to avoid randomness. Now they all hit twice, so that they can still break clones.
  • Standard Status Effects: Defied: all are removed from the game.
  • Useless Useful Spell: Useless Useful Buff: Splash is Water-type. But its effect (doing absolutely nothing) is unchanged.

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