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Not really, I just suck at titles. Anyway...

Acey Larson begins his freshman year at Joy High East as a hotheaded, cocky student Desperately Looking for a Purpose in Life. Parker Cale, his seventeen-year-old peer counselor is a loner and observer, who knows Joy High East inside and out. While he shows Acey the ropes around Joy High East, with the help of Cassie Aarons, a college student and librarian, and Parker's longtime friend. Acey and Parker forge the closest possible friend ship.


Meanwhile, Acey joins the football team. This year Markus Kindel, the team captain, is treating the football rivalry between Joy High East and Joy High West like a war, partially because Markus's longtime crush, beautiful JHE cheerleader Reed is having an affair with JHW Coach French.

Over at JHW, Coach French and team captain Tory are responding in kind, and the rivalry becomes more intense. His team has a new player as well, Penny Seeley.

Readers may note that this plot is totally ripped off from The Iliad. This is because What seems to be an ordinary high school is actually the underworld. Every character is actually the soul of one of the The Iliad's characters, suffering from a severe case of Ghost Amnesia.

Soon, little things around Joy High East begin to go wrong. Very wrong. A student attempts a suicide that nobody could have survived, and lives through it. Cassie begins hallucinating visions and voices. And something about one of the new teachers isn't quite right... Acey investigates, dragging Parker, Cassie, and soon Penny as well along with him, and as they investigate, gaps begin to appear in their memories, getting worse the more they investigate.


Acey and Parker eventually discover Their actual identities as Achilles and Patroclus, and their high school's actual location: the border between the Elysian fields and the pits of Tartarus. And just because Hades has one thing planned for Elysium, infodump and redundancy  doesn't mean Thanatos and his furies in Tartarus don't have other things planned. Now, Acey, Parker, Penny, and Cassie know too much, and must avoid being killed Deader Than Dead or taken to Tartarus themselves, and keep the Furies from achieving Under World Domination.



Acey Larson Achilles

Parker Cale Patroclus

Cassie Aarons Cassandra

Penny Seeler Penthesilea

Coach Kindel Agamemnon

Markus Kindel Menelaus

Coach French Paris

Tory Hector

Reed Helen of Troy

Paulina Hippolyta

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