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A series (of medium undetermined) created by phoenixdaughterAM In a World..., where humans and "anthros" live and magic and technology co-exist, there is an ancient linage that refuses to be forgotten in the recess of time...

Enter average human schoolgirl Maria. With the exception of an anthro acquaintance, Ryan, she's pretty much an outcast for being apart of the famed Tatlian linage. She's quite enthused about her activation coming, since no one in recent history has had powers for awhile. And she'd love to finally show those who bullied her just what's up. Unfortunately, there's a reason why they haven't activated in awhile...for the ancient Blood Feud is about to start up again when a vengeful ancient spirit is about to take control over her decedent, and make sure she finishes what she started 10,000 years ago.


Along the way, a True Companionship forms a mermaid named Christa who's really a human princess, a Tomboy anthro badger named Alex who with the help of Maria freed herself from teen prostitution an adopted Heroic Albino named Celica who's birth father wants to take over the vampiric cult, a Black Cloak named Hector with the belief that Stalking Is Love, Same linage as the enemy. Maria's twin brother Andrew who naturally has Sibling Rivalry (Maybe he knows he was the Backup Twin?) and a Spirit Advisor named Phenica who co-inhabits Maria's body.

Magic? All kinds! While mostly Elemental Powers, there is also an Transformation Trinket that allows the protagonists to transform between human and anthro. However, it may come with a Superpowered Evil Side.... Also each girl has an unique ability.


Romance? Of course! Our hero finds herself in a compromising Love Triangle between Ryan who's Brainwashed to work for the enemy and mentioned Stalker with a Crush Hector. But there may be a different option if a prophecy is anything to go by... An attraction between Andrew and Christa which just might be the key for Christa To Become Human again Alex under amnesia and trapped in her human form, finds love in a human geek and Celica? Poor boy-crazy girl never catches a break.

Basically Sonic the Hedgehog meets Magical Girl Warrior. (Helps that they were originally Sonic OC's)

This series provides example of:

  • Amulet of Concentrated Awesome / Transformation Trinket: On activation Maria's gifted with a hidden secret, an amulet that allows her and the other "daughters" to transform between human and anthro. Mostly used for connivence and keep the Masquarade in tact, at first but is later used to get into the "human-only"/"anthro-only" nations. Careful though, it comes at a cost.
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  • An Arc: 1) Gathering allies 2) Facing a broken masquerade 3) World Journey 4) ???
  • Animesque: Many influences. The fact that the initial setting is what appears to be Japan doesn't help.
  • Betty and Veronica: Played with. Ryan and Hector have traits of both in that Ryan's a friend from before the events but becomes dangerous when he joins Hectria against his will. Hector starts out as a Black Coack wearing guy and has the Bad Boy aura but is a Dogged Nice Guy for Maria.
  • Broad Strokes: Basically, this is a mish-mash of all my childhood influences. The Sharing a Body of Maria and Phenica is based off of Yu-Gi-Oh!, Yami Yugi and Yugi Moto relationship mostly along with the Amulet of Concentrated Awesome that harbors it's own Superpowered Evil Side. Christa comes off of watching The Little Mermaid, with some deconstruction thrown in. Alex is based off of a story of my Mom being mistaken for a prostitute (when she was a successful business woman in the 80's) and Celica came during the vampire craze but got demoted to a cult. And the anthros are all apart from liking Sonic the Hedgehog. Also musical influence is none other than Linkin Park. (And uses both sides of the spectrum, thank you very much)
  • Fate Drives Us Together: Maria and the Traveler. Details pending.
  • Functional Magic: Inherit gift variation and only the females. It also takes up life force so after a big battle, the girls must rest. And it also explains why there isn't any fighting until recently.
  • Hitchhiker Heroes: Though the hometown remains, the spirit is kept as each character is given a Debut Queue / A Day in the Limelight when they become apart of the main group or a major ally. Continues on the "World Journey" arc though the spotlight is shared with the original group.
  • Love Makes You Crazy: The entire reason the feud started. While Hecter's a Dogged Nice Guy, it still seems a bit hereditary.
  • Interspecies Romance: Very scandalous as relations between humans and anthro's outside of the island nations are hostile. And even in the more accepting island nations, eyebrows are still raised.
    • Tatlians are not shy about marrying anthro's. In fact, Maria's prophesied to be married to a anthro. Who just so happens to be a prince, who also has been ducking his duties and passing himself off as a worldwide traveler, who just so happens to be around the city when the Masquerade comes off. Between angsiting on whether it's actually love or a product of a prophecy and the regualar triangle, she's not worried about this.
    • Celica is a human adopted to a human male/anthro female couple. Many people don't question their relationship because 1) they are a successful business team and 2) are Happily Married.
    • Alex under amnesia and thought to be a Libby, but blows this by when given the chance to taunt a geek by dating him and embarrassing him, she falls for him. And he seems to like her normal self too. Though she pulls an It's Not You, It's My Enemies, he promises to wait for her.
  • Masquerade: Only the main group and their immediate families know about the fighting.
    • Broken Masquerade: first. Maria and Hectria realize that everyone's going to find out anyway so why not have a battle during a concert and let it dawn on the normal people that those girls fighting with swords aren't All Part of the Show. Though to the band's credit, they still make it work.
    • The Unmasqued World: And when Hectria puts the entire city on ice, other nations start noticing and reading up on their ancient histories.
  • Puberty Superpower: Activation is that a person is physically ready to take on Functional Magic.
  • Subverted Innocence: A reoccurring theme. Alex is an ex-child and teenage prostitute. Celica, The Chick, is a prophesied leader of a cult. Hectria managed to take control of Helen when she was just a kid.
  • Virgin Power:
    • Alex dodged a bullet by after her activation, finding excuses to quit showing up for work and when she was forced to, was when Maria and Christa managed to find out and intervene.

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