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"Welcome to Phoenix"
Bond introducing everyone to Phoenix Hq

Phoenix is a action/drama series created by Smiling Cyclops. In January of 2021, Jennifer Colens demonstrates a new Energy Weapon to the world, which inadvertently burns down a hotel. She manages to save herself and a person of great importance. Next thing she knows she has joined an elite group of misfits who save the world. A lot. The purpose of the group is to capture and study "Event Catalysts", which cause strange things and possibly deadly events. Oh, and there are aliens. Essentially it's Fringe meets Warehouse 13 meets Stargate SG-1.


The main Antagonist of Season 1 is Apollo. And this season also builds up the relationship within the group. It also introduces Maxwell Chatin as the Complete Monster that he is. Most Cases in S1 are earth based E.C. stories, that serve to drive the plot, and set up the arcs for next season.

This series provides examples of:

  • Ancient Astronauts: The Aesir, who consist of the Norse Pantheon, Greek Pantheon, and Egyptian Pantheon.
  • Arc Number- 139 appears at every instance the writer can plausibly have it show up.
  • Brown Note- This site itself
  • Five-Man Band: The basic Pheonix group, as well as the main characters.
  • Musical Episode- The show doesn't even exist yet and there are already plans for one!
  • Shout-Out- A trope title is used at least once every episode. And many Sci-Fi shows are referenced, such as the three in the description.
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  • Taken for Granite- The second episode, titled "Taken For Granite", had the Alore family using a device that weakened atomic bonds in order to make stone statues move.
  • Teen Genius- Flenderson.
  • Unnecessarily Large Interior- the Archives, which is so big it has its own weather, and a redwood forest!

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