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Perilous Realms is the name of Morwen Edhelwen's Urban Fantasy novel, which she describes as A Phaery Named Phredde by Jackie French, witha dash of The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien, which is in its draft stage. Frodo is a hobbit who was named after a Dwarven chieftain. But he lives in a futuristic city called Silverlode, in an outer neighbourhood called the Westmarch, filled with elves, orcs and other refugees from another dimension.


Thorin Eikinscialdi, son of Draupnir, is a Dwarf, a distant relative of Nar, the current chieftain of the tribe of Eikinskjaldi. He's also raised Frodo and his brother Meriadoc and cousin Cynbel.Thorin used to be a mercenary and blacksmith, but has issues coping with the modern world where his sword is regarded as hopelessly outdated in fights against threats. Plus, the different races barely get along.

Tensions increase with the discovery that the dark lord, disguised as a human, may have come to the district and that some evil Orcs, working for the hidden dark lord, may be attempting to conquer it out of revenge and desire to destroy fragments of a magical protective bracelet, inscribed with runes, that was originally a talisman of a noble house and get hold a of a treasure hoard. They are chasing an ordinary human girl, Emily, who has no idea that her family is a branch of the family that originally was given the ring, and that she is a noblewoman from a hilltop kingdom.


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