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Pedes!! is a...something. The author hasn't decided yet - novella? Web comic? Comic book? At the moment, it is just a world waiting to be inhabited by characters. That's right, it doesn't even have characters yet, just a title and a world state.

The world is full of tiny elves which ride the aforementioned 'pedes, short for either centipede or millipede.

  • Alternate Animal Affection: Pedes will display their affection by patting you with their antennae; the proper way to return the gesture is with quick, light strokes which begin at the center of their body and quickly sweep off the sides. Headbutting is generally considered rude.
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  • Big Creepy-Crawlies: Due to the Mouse World setting, millipedes and centipedes are enormous next to the elfin inhabitants. They are, however, even large by normal standards, being about 8-10" long.
  • Cultural Posturing: Centipede-riders and millipede-riders generally hate each other and each considers itself superior to the other. Millipede-riders are vegetarians and treat their mounts as complete equals, allowing them in their homes; centipede-riders believe this makes them complete sissies (never mind why neither has ever successfully invaded the other). Centipede-riders have a taste for meat and practice a form of "food burial" in which a centipede will eat its fallen master or vice versa, seeing earth burial as a way of flinging dirt in the face of the dead; while true cannibalism is as abhorrent to them as any other, don't try explaining that fact to a millipede-rider.
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  • Fantastic Slurs: Young millipede-riders are nicknamed "Yellowlegs" (equivalent to the cowboy term greenhorn) because, when agitated, millipedes produce a stinky yellow substance that stains anything touching it. Centipede-riders have picked up on this as a term for all millipede-riders.
  • Enemy of My Enemy: They eventually must band together to fight a group of elves who ride velvet worms.
  • Horse of a Different Color: with more legs than you'd ever be able to put shoes on.
  • Mouse World
  • Not So Different: The rider races. Aside from cultural differences, they even look alike. Even the velvet worm riders seem a mix of the two - they eat meat, but treat their mounts as equals and would never eat them, even as a form of honorific burial.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": The work is titled Pedes!!, bold and italic, with two exclamation points. No exceptions. When speaking of it aloud, it is appropriate, but not required, to draw out the word, as in "Peeeeeeeeeeedes!!" Think of a cross between a Leroy Jenkins battle cry and the way a Tough Guy would perform the Eek, a Mouse!! scream about multilegged critters.

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