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-This page is a work in progress, and therefore is incomplete. Please be patient. Thanks.-

Paranoia: Stories From Waterstone High is a tale about teenagers learning to grow up and accept themselves and others. It is also about a boy that gets turned into a ghost thanks to a spirit that whispered in his ear, hypnotizing him and making him kill himself, a paranoid guy that is obssessed with the idea that a secret organization is going to kill him, a girl with overprotective parents that attempts to keep her sanity while dealing with the classical high-school gossip about being a literal witch, a dude with heavy depression and suicidal thoughts trying to stay alive by using drugs, alcohol and model ships, a goth girl with an interest in lolita fashion and transformers trapped in an abusive and toxic relationship, and another guy trying to accept himself. All pretty normal stuff, really. There's also demons possessing people, another world of monsters that you can't see that are always watching you, lake creatures that want to eat your flesh, and more!


(Any possible spoilers for the story are all unmarked, so proceed at your own risk!)

    Below, the tropes 
  • Beneath the Mask: As per usual in the Multiverse 6310 stories, this is a central theme.
  • Cool People Rebel Against Authority: Averted. None of the character shown to rebel against authority are portrayed as cool, most of them instead being losers, sad, angry or selfish, although it's important to note that the authority figures also aren't portrayed as being always right.
  • Crystal Dragon Jesus: Andy's and Mike's religion present a huge amount of similitudes with christianism, with just a few minor differences, although since this is a fantasy world where everything is different, naturally the religion is not the same
    • Averted with the other characters religions. Most of them are polytheistic, what with them saying "Oh my gods!" and whatnot, and most of their rituals and belief are completely different from christianism. At most, some of them would qualify as Crystal Dragon Zeus.
  • Fantasy Kitchen Sink: Ghosts, demons, weird giant floaty monsters and lake creatures. All completely normal, albeit not to some characters.
  • Girl Posse: Zig-Zagged. While the girl posse is there and the 'leader and lackeys' dynamic is somewhat kept there, the only one that is any kind of bitch is Sandy, while the other two either do not care to participate in the bullying, choose to stop it before it happens, or are simply unaware that spreading rumors could actually be harmful. Also, they won't take shit from their leader, and will stop her if she's going too far.
  • Weirdness Censor: Most of the character have some form of this in the form of layers, wich basically indicates that they only can see things on the layers beneath them (what we would consider 'normal') while remaining completely blind to the layers above (where they reside monsters and other crazy things). As exemplified by Spice, this sort of thing is necesary, since if it wasn't there, well, let's say there would be a lot of other people acting like Spice.


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    Main Characters 

Mike Camembert
A somewhat naive and outgoing guy that likes to hang out with his friends and help the people of his community, at least until his life is cut short by an accidental suicide. After that, he begins to change, and becomes more and more apathetic.


A lonely girl with a love for Transformers that has a lot of trouble expressing her feelings and tends to make very bad decisions.

Andy Lee

A socially awkward guy who is struggling to find out who he is

Alex Wright

A jaded and numb guy with severe depression who tends to pretend he's happy

Ellinor Beaudard

A bossy girl that is obssessed with being perfect at everything and has to deal with gossip constantly.

Dennis 'Spice' O'Neil

A paranoid guy who loves conspiracy theories and can get obssessed with things incredibly easy.

    Other Characters 


The classic Alpha Bitch of the trio, just that the two other don't seem to pay her as much attention as she wants. Loves spreading nasty rumors about people, her latest target being Ellinor.


A sweet but naive girl that loves to gossip but isn't aware that they might damage others.


A quiet and reserved girl that has no much care for anything social related.


Spice's only friend that also happens to be possessed by a demon.


Dalhia's abusive and violent girlfriend. Wants the world to burn.


Alex's alcoholic mother.


Alex's absent father.


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