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It is Corporal Simon Bancroft's first night working the Night Shift in the Port Vandalar City Watch. This shift is populated by an assortment of Exotics ranging from shapeshifters to undead, but fortunately his new partner is perfectly human.

Unfortunately, Sergeant Timothy "Spooky" Marvolo also happens to be a necromancer.

Bancroft isn't too keep on working so closely with a practitioner of the magical arts, let alone one who talks to dead people, but Marvolo is the best at what he does, and Bancroft isn't about to let this politically-motivated lateral promotion beat him.


When the pair of them are assigned to investigate the murder of a young girl in the Warrens, Bancroft finds himself learning a few things about necromancy, and what happens under the cover of darkness...

One Spooky Case is a fantasy/mystery story, currently in progress.

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