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Lieutenant Able: This is insanity, First Sergeant! Am I supposed to take on the Empire with nothing but a whistle and a bottle of rum?!
First Sergeant Cole: Welcome to the war, sir.

One day, a Troper named Hourai Rabbit was playing a game called Valkyria Chronicles II that he had heard a lot of good things about and which was on the PSP, which spared him the need to save up money and get a PS3 to play the first game. Over the years, this little Troper changed. He joined the Army. He revisited the old Valkyria Chronicles II (and subsequent sequel) that he had enjoyed so much in the days of his youth and thought to himself, "something about the military in this game seems a little off..." From this thought, the seed of an idea was born.


On the Eve of '35 is a Valkyria Chronicles fanfic following the story of 2nd Lieutenant Kristof Able, a young and inexperienced platoon leader fresh out of Officer Candidate School, who is thrown into the eye of the storm as the first casualties start to trickle back from the Eastern Front. The Atlantic Federation's army has endured massive casualties and in some cases, entire regiments have ceased to exist altogether. The survivors bring tales of doom and woe about the overwhelming power of the East Europan Imperial Alliance and dissension is spreading quickly among the ranks. Able is given command of a platoon almost immediately but thanks to casualties and desertion, it is a patchwork of various different elements from across the company and a fighting unit in name only. Nevertheless he must whip his unit into shape before the division returns to the front line and intelligence from the front indicates that Imperial forces are massing near the Gallian border.


Life sure is difficult when you don't have fame, fortune, a descendant of an ancient mystical race with godlike magical powers, or even armored support on your side.

Currently in the conceptual planning stages due to having to play the first Valkyria Chronicles for a complete picture of the setting.

This fanfic contains examples of:

  • Easy Logistics: Lampshaded when Able complains that all the big name units that participate in newsworthy battles seem to get what they need out of thin air.
    • Later invoked when he and the senior sergeants start resorting to bureaucratic trickery and outright thievery from other regiments to supplement their stores.
  • Mildly Military: Justified. 2nd Platoon's chain of command basically collapsed after the horrific casualties they sustained during the winter offensive and there are only a few authority figures at the lower levels. Most of the platoon were privates and used to treating each other as such.
  • Sound Off:
    Oh hail, oh hail, oh infantry!
    Queen of battle, follow me!
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