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Prophecies are such tricky things.For instance, a fortune-teller's proclamation that "There will be a victory" in a battle is worth little to the one seeking answers – to whom does that victory belong, and at what time, what cost?And what of the foretelling that "A highborn girl named Kirik will come to greatness", as happens in this world? For surely it might refer to Vekirik Lustan, daughter of the city's most prominent – that is, prolific – elder, who was raised as an elven maiden rather than lad (as was her sex) since her father wanted the prophecy to refer to her. However, there is also Kirik the fully-female daughter of pixie hunters in the Sirson mountains.Not to mention the island known as Great Ness.Kirik of Lustan looses everything through keeping a pet pixie, the same one as was released by Kirik of Sirson hundreds of miles to the south. The illegal creature cost her father his position, leading to the murder of her mother for being a werewolf. After befriending Aljef, another elf who was living on the streets and selling the "services" of an imp for money, she is sold onto a slave ship and taken far from home.


Of Subtlety is a fantasy novel with a detailed outline but no prose, as it will be written for Camp NaNoWriMo in 2012. Tropes will be added once there is something more than scene summaries on index cards in Scrivener.


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