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ON is a game currently in development by tumblr user fuckyeahkatnep, as a prequel to Mortis Ghost's OFF. ON follows with Hugo and the Guardians as they explore and rebuild the ruined world seen in the Room in OFF, and explores many of the abnormalities of the world of OFF.This work contains examples of(I will fix that bit when I am on a computer)
  • After the End: The game begins after a cataclysmic war that devastated the world, and the rebuilt world is heavily influenced by Hugo's naïve interpretations of how it worked.
  • Children Are Innocent: Hugo saw that coal miners would go into mines and come out coughing, and reasoned that they freed the smoke from the mines to 'breathe', leading to his creation of the smoke mines in Zone 1. Near the end of the war, he saw a large group of people turned into a huge amount of meat, and decided that meat fountains would be better off without having to use people to create the meat.
  • Harmful to Minors: Hugo's experience of the war. More literally, the Batter.
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