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"Every Story Procedural. Every Story Unique. Every Story Unusual."
The Chronology's Tag Line

A Crossover Fan Fiction in the vein of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the "Not Your Sky" Chronology details the adventures of various characters from different works waking up in the Galaxy of No Man's Sky (which serves as the Chronology's main setting) after experiencing a bizarre Dream Sequence. These characters have been "Picked" by the setting's Big Good, The Atlas, to serve as extradimensional members of The Cartographer's Empire, which is seeking to explore and map out the Galaxy once again following the disappearance of the Midecadians and their allies, whom had led it into a cultural, scientific, and technological Golden Age 250,000 years earlier.


The Chronology is divided into three different parts called "The Overture", "The Chorus", and "The Symphony", each with their own set of different stories, as follows:

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    The Overture 

    The Chorus 
  • Not Your Sky: Debutante (Sequel to Not Your Sky)
  • No Man's Trek: The Next Generation (Sequel to No Man's Trek)
  • No Man's Sam: An Impossible Day for Those on the Way (Sequel to No Man's Sam)
  • No Man's Crossing: City People (Sequel to No Man's Crossing)
  • No Man's Effect 2: The Overlord (Sequel to No Man's Effect)
  • No Mare's Sky: Appaloosa (Sequel to No Mare's Sky)
  • No Boy's Sky: Weirdos From Another Universe! (Sequel to No Boy's Sky)

    The Symphony 
  • Not Your Sky: Pacify (Sequel to Not Your Sky: Debutante)
  • No Man's Crossing: Country Folk (Sequel to No Man's Crossing: City People)
  • No Man's Trek: Enterprise (Sequel to No Man's Trek: The Next Generation)
  • No Mare's Sky: Clydesdale (Sequel to No Mare's Sky: Appaloosa)
  • No Boy's Sky: Scientific Progress goes WOOSH! (Sequel to No Boy's Sky: Weirdos from another Universe!)
  • No Man's Sam: A Wonderful Night For a Wonderful Fight (Sequel to No Man's Sam: An Impossible Day for Those on the Way)
  • No Man's Effect 3: The Citadel (Sequel to No Man's Effect 2: The Overlord)
  • Not Your Sky: Finale, Part 1 (Subtitle: "Prisms", sequel to Not Your Sky: Pacify)
  • Not Your Sky: Finale, Part 2 (Subtitle: "Radio Protector", sequel to Not Your Sky: Finale, Part 1)
  • Not Your Sky: Finale, Part 3 (Subtitle: "Retreat! RETREAT!", sequel to Not Your Sky: Finale, Part 2)

The Overture and The Chorus both have seven stories contained in them, while The Symphony, which contains the Chronology's Grand Finale, has ten; resulting in twenty-four stories overall.

Each of the stories focuses on one particular theme on top of the overall theme of exploration and discovery, including those of materialistic desires vs. metaphorical needs, the "short-end-of-the-stick" mentality, the needs of the many versus the needs of the few, and the concept of friendship across generations, among others.

The Chronology is an Unpublished Work, something that is unlikely to change in the near-future.


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