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An eccentric and utterly strange sitcom starring Nornagest, a straight-laced deadpan intellectual who has to deal with his perpetually maddening roommate, Sand Josieph and his eternal rival Tomu who is that candle, with his heart as the flame. In the eternal battle between Norn and Tomu, they fight for mutual destruction (As proclaimed by Tomu. Nornagest does not take this seriously in the slightest.) Norn has to go through everyday life as a computer programmer amidst every whacko, nutjob, ex-law enforcer, deviant, and English major that graced his presence at Trope Tower.


Initially began as a throwaway idea by Anonymous User, fleshed out by AC Drawings, disapproved by Nornagest, and everyone else on the site who found this to be a hilarious endeavor is a collaborator.


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