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"The year is 198X. War has changed."

In the year 198X, first contact is made with beings from another world. Hailing from a land they insist we can't pronounce the name of, these... Infiltrators have brought with them not a laurel of friendship, but a declaration of war. The war is not against us; it is a milennia-old conflict between the Infiltrators that has simply now made its way to Earth. If humanity is to survive, bonds must be forged and battles must be fought until one side stands victorious.


The Infiltrator "Technomechs" have allied themselves with most of the world's governments, receiving special attention and aid from the United States' Squadron X and France's FACADE. The opposing "Sinistroids" have formed a pact with various terrorist organizations, from the infamous Leopard to the deadly Virus.

All the while, supposedly neutral parties made of mutated wildlife (or, from what they claim, aliens themselves) watch in silence for an opportunity to join the fray and potentially change the tide of the struggle irreparably.

A novel being worked on by Eponymous Kid.

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