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Nihil Novi is unpublished (and it will never change), story that was born in mind of Primo Victoria, who regrets it right now. It actually started as a joke about zombie who rapes people instead of eating them and evolve into something sick and very NSFW. I think I will never get myself to write it down, it's just so horrible, sick and ridiculous and stupid. This was doomed from the star and was going to be So Bad, It's Horrible and I dropped it right after I realized that. I feel dirty even thinking about that little part I'd wrote alredy.


In future Humanity found God. And we wasn't pleased that we was terrible Eldritch Abomination and parasite that was feeding on our minds. Humans killed God and create new society where beliving in any sort of god is forbidden as it would possibly lead to create of new parasite god. This society has far more advanced technology, because everybody is taught to work on it's benefits.

But after many years somethings happens. Teenagers starts to act really weird - they become aggressive, lustful, are screaming blasphemies all time and are acting like they were possesed. They start to do terrible things - rape people, have orgies, crucify, preform black masses etc. And they do it massively - it's like Zombie Apocalypse but with possessed or crazy teenagers. In fact they become "Darks" - for some reasons in world without God, source of everything good, world supply of it were dain empty. Souls of teenagers (as they are the most vulnerable for temptation) were corrupted and mutated, turning them into bunch of hive minds that belive God is not dead and he can be brought back by preforming Ultimate Blasphemy - blasphemy so powerful that he could not ignore it. What's even worse is that any contact with them, especially physically can turn everybody into Dark, giving him teenage body and make him crazy like everybody else and law of physics slowly stop apply to them (as Universe slowly stops recognizing them as God's creations rejects them). They are preforming horrible acts like "infinite communion" in which one of them cuts off her wrists and other are drinking her blood wich runs forever and she cannot die or killing little kids in the altar of underage girls that was turned into Dark and pronounced as their Anti-Christ. Story was supposed to be told from perspective of last uncorrupted people on Earth, who are hiding in bunker with old, powerless and dying Lucifer, desperately working on cure. At the end Ultimate Blasphemy is done - all humanity, turned into Darks, rapes crucified Lucifer for days singing religious songs and praying until God wakes up and kills them. They it all was revealed to be Xanatos Gambit preformed by Lucifer to resurrect God, so he would not die as well.


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