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Neo Magi is the result of a great deal of sleep deprivation coupled with some odd dreams and a lot of thinking to somehow cram the two into a semi-coherant whole. The story starts off with an Ordinary High-School Student who, while taking a detour home from school, finds a strange shop that sells all manner of unusual things. The shopkeeper appears and informs the hero that they have a certain tome on hold for them, but they have arrived a few days too early, and the tome is not yet ready. After a cryptic warning about the tome, the hero leaves, assuming that the old man had mistaken them for someone else. The hero arrives home in time to find out their parents are dead. With little left for them, they return to the shop to claim the tome...


This page is planned to serve as a layout of sorts for the author to structure the book with, marking down the odd insight, and more obviously the tropes it falls into. Or, at least, it will start looking at least somewhat presentable, once he pulls himself back into at least a semi-coherent state.


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