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How much of Hell is self-inflicted torment and angst?
— Delmar the Grim, First Reaper of Zeyrix

A planned Trilogy-plus-two, by Raekuul. The plans are as follows:

  • Necromancer Wars
  • Necromancer Wars II: Hourglass of Death
  • Necromancer Wars III: Salvation of Death
  • Necromancer Wars Another
  • Necromancer Wars Another Again

Although which medium is used in the end is yet to be determined, these were/are planned to be games.


Necromancer Wars

ZEYR: I'm new at this God thing, okay? This world was supposed to be a test run, to see if I could have rampant magic powers running around, to see if people would not abuse them. Mostly because I don't really know when to back off. In any case, your little stunt with the Four Alchemic Elements kinda messed things up.
Delmar: So then why don't you fix this yourself? You're a God, you can do it.
ZEYR: The First Rule of Godhood is that you don't interfere with someone's choices. If it had been pure accident, then yes, I'd have stepped in and prevented it. But this was a deliberate action on your part. You chose to turn Lementil into a Lich. And now you look to me to give you an easy way out? No way, man. I'll help you fix this, but you need to choose to fix it, and it has to be you that fixes it in the end.
— ZEYR and Delmar, discussing the events of the first part of Necromancer Wars

Delmar and his teacher, Lementil, are studying the secrets of the Ruby Pillar, which is said to contain the Essence of Alchemy. To unlock that power, Delmar collects the four Alchemic Elemental Essences and brings them to the Pillar... to find his teacher had become a victim of the Mentor Occupational Hazard. Combining the power of the four Essences and the Ruby Pillar, he manages to reverse this... only it results in a power-hungry lich. The two of them argue over whether this is Came Back Wrong or Gone Horribly Right. Then ZEYR, God of Zeyrix and Pupil of The Almighty One decides to have a chat with Delmar...

Necromancer Wars II: Hourglass of Death
Arthur is an archaeologist interested in the history of the Ruby Pillar. He finds records that the First Lich and the First Reaper were both created in the same accident half a millenium ago. When he tries to present his findings to the people of his hometown, Delmar tries to stop him - but it's too late, as the secrets of Lichdom, and the threat of Lementil, have been released upon the world of Zeyrix once more...

Necromancer Wars III: Salvation of Death
Prince Rey of Aquis decides to let his younger brother have the heirship as he goes to investigate rumors of a Pillar of Ruby hiding in the Sea of Sands. Five years (and one coronation) later, the Reapers of ZEYR decide that there is a new Lich to take care of, and declares war on the Kindgom of Glass - with King Tim of Aquis leading the assault...

Necromancer Wars Another
King Imin, lord of the Fortress Disorder, is caught between the border wars of the Northern Necromancers, the Southern Pirates, and the Dragons of the Backbone. When he sends the mercenary with the most free time on her hands to deal with things, it goes from mildly annoying to very, very bad very quickly when it comes to light that a Reaper of ZEYR has been taken by the Necromancers...

Necromancer Wars Another Again
In another, forgotten part of Zeyrix, the Sapphire Knight claims to be a descendant of Delmar the Grim. When the Reapers of ZEYR learn of this, they aren't very happy. Neither is Emperor Pandolin, but not for the same reasons as the Reapers of ZEYR...

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