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(Warning: Under Construction)

A fan-made, Darker and Edgier (obvious, if not already obvious) re-imagining web-series of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic with elements from the movie, information from the toys and (mis)adventures of 18 Ensemble Darkhorses as slight Expies of the original Mane 6note , living on an island containing/serving as Ponyville called "Normal Island"—and it (again, obviously, if not already obvious) is not what it sounds like.


Having an unknown, island-wide corruption, all of the town's residents have a unique special power—appropriately for the inappropriately-timed enemy raids from the unusually "unknown" Storm Syndicate, who are notorious for being out to target everything in Equestria with the help of having other FiM villains, who are unfortunately instructed properly and hard at first. At their worst, the town's residents are weaker from their special powers, besides having to live with a harder experience as they level up. At their best, they can form teams of four or more to help defeat these constant, raiding enemies—and fortunately, almost all of them are doing it—it's The Power of Friendship that is being supported heavily, after all.

It was produced by a (fan-made) studio (by WannurSyafiqah74) called Kittycat Animations currently with it being released in January 6, 2018 and its material having 1 season known (at the moment), and a fanfiction adaptation is on FiMFiction (also by them), although it is still incomplete. There is also an "Interlude" arc, which are produced after Once an Episode regarding the said Ensemble Darkhorses, which involves other characters getting A Day in the Limelight as it takes place in the same time as the previous webisodes.


As always, since the Friendship is Magic movie was recently released material back at October 2017, this page will contain SPOILERS about it. Read at your own risk.

Laconically speaking: G-Rated My Hero Academia WITH TECHNICOLORED PONIES!

This series contains the tropes of:

  • Action Girl: They're slightly common, obviously due to the premise and the work it was based on.
  • Adaptation Name Change: Derpy is renamed as "Ditzy Doo" (full name Ditzy "Muffins" Doo) for the entirety of the series to avoid offending some who have intelligence disorder and/or lazy eyes, even though her voice actress, Michaela Katheryn, has the disorder herself.
  • Broken Base:
    • The original fact that most of the episodes which focus on other characters are in the Interlude arc was already quite divisive ever since it was announced. Was it a bad idea, considering that some of the fans think that they are interested in the leaked plots, and/or the other characters deserve Character Development in some, or a good choice, considering that it would be awkward to have a background focus filler breaking the pattern of the other Ensemble Darkhorses being focused. Then there was the short delay due to slight Executive Meddling regarding the problem, which had the base impatient, concerned, or both.
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  • Crossdressing Voices: Sweetie Drops, powered up as her heroic alias, Agent "Biggs" Bon Bon, is voiced by a guy.
  • Cursed with Awesome: Due to Normal Island's corruption, Pinkie Pie outright becomes half-changeling, and she really doesn't like it.
  • Funny Moments:
    • The group of Twilight's old friends (except for Sweetie Drops, despite being included) originally was generically named as "Team of Twilight's Five Old Friends". Moondancer can't help but laugh at how dumb it is.
  • Only Sane Man:
    • Moondancer in Team OTFOF.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl:
    • In Team OTFOF, we have exuberant and slightly graceful Lyra Heartstrings, in contrast to serious and no-nonsense Sweetie Drops.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The series itself was instead going to have Moondancer, Posey, Surprise, Rarity, Applejack and Patch (from My Little Pony Tales) as the main characters (but also with Spike serving as...himself). Spike was also depicted as slightly more feminine with Rarity almost completely subverting the Rich Bitch stereotype for "the sake of diversity". Then there came the "lawyer-friendly spoof" (even though it still used the "My Little Pony" name) named as "My Little Pony: Summer Life", with the good-aligned characters being a Cast of Expies and the villains' continuously-used plot device being a black note that could possess others, a la Please My Melody: Refreshed.
    • There was also the base-breaking fact (as said in Broken Base above) that originally, all (then a majority) of the episodes focusing on other characters would belong in the "Interlude Arc", separate from the seasons but still taking the same place as the original 26 episodes. Later due to Executive Meddling, the series' development had gone a short delay.
    • Originally, like in canon (as of "Slice of Life", (or at least) in the credits), Ditzy was originally renamed as "Muffins"—it later became part of her full name because "it didn't ring a bell."

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