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Just a working title.

A series set at a munch. As it is intended to be a Slice of Life, Character Driven thing, I'll just skip right to explaining the characters and Character Arcs.

Jake Johnson is the founder of the munch. He was born in Britain, but moved to America a couple years before the start of the story, partially because of the anti-BDSM laws in Britain. He's calm and a bit cocky and wry, and in vanilla life, he works as a salesman. He is Polyamorous with several female subs. Though he has brutally sadistic fantasies, he's fiercely protective of his subs, and never goes past their limits, which sometimes frustrates him when he wants to go farther than they do.


Lyona Lovett is the primary partner of Jake Johnson. She met him when he moved to America, and introduced him to the local BDSM scene. An extreme masochist with a very high pain tolerance, she's the only sub who has been able to satisfy most all of Jake's fantasies. She's a professional swimmer, and a mountain biker by hobby, and isn't fragile physically or emotionally. Takes a cheerful, and often goofy, attitude toward her life, to the point where she's seen as a Bunny-Ears Lawyer.

Ani and Ollie Two bisexual switches who are in a type 8 triang relation with Jake Johnson.

Haven't thought of her name yet An online sub of Jake who eventually becomes a series Recurring Character.

Haven't thought of names yet A gay couple wherein the Dom is also a power bottom. Are friends with Jake Johnson, and with Slade Noble.


Slade Noble The son of immigrants and owner of a local business that is starting to really take off, Slade is streetwise, hardworking, and calculating. The downside to this is that he views people as pawns for his own power, both in his BDSM and his vanilla life. He doesn't care much for ethics, instead believing that people will screw you over unless you prove yourself stronger and screw them over first. A bit Bishōnen in appearance.


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