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Mr Guymanwatch is a comic series created by the Troper Mr Guymanwatch that thus far only exists within the recesses of my brain and on various sheets of paper generally organised in folders under my bed and desk. The general concept and character of Mr Guymanwatch was thought up in October 2005, when I was 10 years old. These early renditions survive today as what they were - badly drawn, with semi-coherent nonsensical plots and simultaneously ripping off countless TV shows and movies I enjoyed at the time.


I't's nonetheless been my hobby drawing these comic adventures over the years, and my artistic skills and general understanding of developing fiction has vastly improved. I've created this page as a writing aid as I now finally consider using the power of the internet in creating these comics for the public to see. If you have stumbled upon this page and find yourself reading, I shall do the duty of informing you that this page is for my own personal assistance in writing these things. So, if you find any entertainment in this, how very wonderful, but keep in mind that this page is not designed with such things in mind.



A character sheet that doesn't yet, if ever, warrant its own page.

James Guymanwatch

The titular character - 29-year-old detective long since driven insane by the realisation that he is a cartoon character.


Zoey Calhoun

A 27-year-old chemist at the Chicago Scientific Research Facility and James' friend since college.


James' maniacal talking goldfish who wants nothing more than world domination.

Sophie Green

James' 28-year-old co-worker at the detective agency and his bitter rival.

Rupesh Palshikar

James' co-worker who is primarily confined to office duties in his department.

Heather O'Reilly

Another of James' co-workers, who primarily works with Rupesh in the office.


A somewhat unhinged, promiscuous freelance bounty hunter who is hired to kill James and continues to show up from time to time.

John F. Kennedy

The 35th and 45th President of the United States, who, after being brought back to life, simply resumed his term, albeit with some... side effects.


Zoey's put-upon assistant at the Chicago Scientific Research Facility.


Right-hand woman to Catherine, the CEO of the facility, who often serves as Zoey's inspector.

Terry and Jerry

A gay couple and neighbours to James who live a few doors down.


A Japanese student who also lives in the same apartment block as James. She doesn't speak a word of English, so people makes their own assumptions about what she's saying.

Captain Horatio Mc Elroy

An insufferable narcissistic womanizer and captain of the USS Galloping Stallion.

Lieutenant Alicia Cole

Horatio's unfortunate hand-picked assistant, who just tries to keep her head down and keep some sanity on the bridge while ignoring the captain's advances.


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