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Hopefully, Modrai will be an italian fantasy series by Matteo Bortolotti (here known as Mantyf).It will work as metaplot for Damsol, Adaron and Fedare, that actually are nothing but shard of the Modrai itself, that was once a single plane.The series will focus on characters from each world finding about the multiverse and the other worlds, while trying to understand what broke the plane (and the multiverse) and facing the consequences of the worlds not being isolated anymore.


Eache of them has its separate page, here will be found only the tropes regarding Modrai as a whole.

Modrai will have examples of:

  • Arc Words: Modrai itself, being the word for "world".
  • Calla Rabbita Smeerp: The word "world" does not exist, "Modrai" is used instead.
  • Late-Arrival Spoiler: Avoiding those is the reason this page will have only six entries.
  • Metaplot
  • The ’Verse: Obviously, but Modrai is just part of it (other parts being Remsi and Sidamal)
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