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Cheer up, okay? I hate seeing people depressed.

Mirror//Eyes is Jisu's planned attempt at a Super Robot Visual Novel. Currently firmly in the Unpublished section until she finishes Futari Wa Pretty Cure Blue Moon.

Three years ago, seven lights appeared in the sky. This corresponded with the unearthing of seven jewels that react to the first person who touches them, as well as one other thing: monsters called Black Rivers rising up out of the earth to destroy everything they see. Not willing to give up on the planet and send everybody into space if they don't want to go, the government created the Trinity Gift Project to deal with the Black Rivers, using the Core Gems combined with new technology to fight them. Though much about the pilots of Mirror First and Mirror Second is a mystery, they go out and fight wherever a Black River is spotted, while everybody else under Logan Yasakani's command searches for the Core Gems.


Elian Verdant has just gotten his hard-earned degree, but as far as he's concerned, it'll be a few more years before he actually gets anywhere close to what he wants — if he's lucky. After the ceremony, though, he gets caught in a Black River attack and picked up by a mysterious girl. Saph Yasakani, daughter of Logan Yasakani and pilot of Mirror First, has no choice but to take him along while she fights the monster off. When it turns out that Elian has found a Core Gem, too — and can use it — he's brought into the Trinity Gift Project.

From this, the story begins to branch off, and by Chapter 3, you're firmly into one of three different routes: Ruby Blue, which focuses on Saph, Eyes, which focuses on a Crazy Awesome engineer named Mila Kawena, and Joyful Doll, which focuses on pilot Serena Hughes who is Defecting for Love.


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