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"Wonderland's Chains bind everyone who sees it."

A Manga based around Alice in Wonderland if Alice was completely insane and after becoming Wonderland's queen banned outsiders. Of course, the idiot our lead is, he manages to fall into Wonderland, and catches it's Dark Queen's attention, so "Alice" or as her name really is, Kedakai, decides to let Wonderland burn and chases her criminal around. This criminal- Arison Ito- really doesn't need this.


If only things were that simple.

When Kedakai leaves Wonderland, the completely crazy Queen of Hearts comes to power once again, turning Wonderland back into her own personal hell. An enraged Kedakai tries to make Arison go back to Wonderland with her, and when he finally agrees, they find the end of Kedakai's world as she knows it.Follow Keda and Arison around as they Make Friends, Save Worlds and Discover more about themselves.

Compare Pandora Hearts.


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