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A roleplay plotline-turned-fanfiction authored by Girl Who Says Ni and her friend.This is a Crossover of mammoth proportions, crossing an insane amount of fandoms.However, some character histories have been modified to fit the plot. So this would kinda be an AU?

Anywho, some of said fandoms include

The major characters in your typical Five-Man Band format would be

  • Judai Yuki, The Hero. He is normally upbeat and happy, and can tend to overreact at small things, as well as shout very loudly, but he has a good heart, and will gladly give his life for one of his friends. He holds each and every one of his duel spirits close to him, as well as his other friends, such as Yusei and Rei. He has zero tolerance for evil now, whereas he used to only watch the villains from the backgrounds. He dislikes being belittled, and he dislikes seeing those close to him in pain. Judai has many, many duel spirits, but there are a couple of them that he holds very dear to him.
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  • Honoka Mirai, The Lancer. A misfit among angels, and an example of Our Angels Are Different, Honoka Mirai is sharp-witted and sarcastic with a bit of a mean streak. She seems to have what Raven calls a “freak case of dissociative identity disorder,â€� due to the different personas resting within her consciousness. These include her angel, fallen angel, demon, human, child and Dark Signer selves. Each one seems to have different opinions and goals, however, there are a few similarities between them. Each of her sides, minus her demon and Dark Signer selves, seem to adore Kiryu equally, however, their ways of showing it are completely different. Either way, she is devoted to her friends and will stay by their sides, even beyond the bitter end.
  • Yusei Fudo, The Smart Guy. Yusei is normally incredibly serious in nature, and also very quiet. He only talks a lot around his friends, and his father, whom he recently discovered was alive. Yusei also tends to become very determined, and even merciless at times, during tight or tense situations. He can see duel spirits along with Judai, although he is sometimes unamused with Judai and his antics. Yusei is also naturally cold towards anyone he doesn't know, and is easily angered by people whom he doesn't know well.
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  • James "Jim Crocodile" Cook, The Big Guy. : James, also known as Jim to the rest of the gang, is a rather innocent, yet simple-minded person, who certainly wouldn't hurt anyone. Although, he was targeted by the Organization quite a lot, due to his mental and physical strength, which is apparently inhuman, but Jim hasn't seemed to notice yet. Although he tends to end up in the background of most tense situations, Jim also usually tends to think fast, meaning that most of his decisions in the bad situations come in handy. Jim owns a large, black Hummer vehicle and doesn't care much for it, but only uses it for transportation, whereas he still carries his crocodile, Karen, on his back, and he still cares for her like a father. After the incident with the Organization was over, Jim was able to make peace with Jurak Titan, who is now docile towards most people, due to Horus' comeback in the final battle.
  • Rei Saotome, The Chick. Rei is typically optimistic and witty, however, this light has been dimmed with the coming of the Ghouls and the MRO ordeal. Before this, she was often quick to jump into action before considering consequences. Now, a little more cynical, she tends to use her head more often. Despite her colder nature, Rei still cares a lot for her friends, duel spirit and human. Discovery of Edo's death has hit her hard, rendering her a little more than an empty shell. However, she still has rather odd mood swings, and one could almost go as far as to call her bipolar or a tsundere. She also owns a red pickup truck, but the others have seen it only once as of now.
  • Kiryu Kyosuke, The Sixth Ranger. Kiryu was the leader of the now disbanded Organization, which used duel spirits as drones as a plot to take over the planet. After his fight with Honoka, he saw the errors of his ways and decided to pull a Heel–Face Turn and join Rei and the gang for the future. He loves Honoka with a passion, and is usually seen following her or holding her hand, and he also tends to be protective of his friends, like Judai. If he is pushed to extreme anger or sadness, he may go into his Dark Signer form, in which, he becomes dangerously hostile and insane, and would cause harm to anyone close to him.
  • Hakase Fudo, The Mentor. He is Yusei Fudo's father, and it was known that he died in the past. But, due to a strange incident considering space and time, he was able to come back to life, at the age he was right before he died. Now he is alive along with Yusei, and plans to stay for quite a while. Unlike his son, Hakase is joyful and full of life, and he tends to joke about things and laughs quite a lot. He is also incredibly smart, and he enjoys spending time on the computer, doing research and things in his spare time. Like Yusei, he becomes determined and sometimes even harsh during tense events, although he would never do harm to anything that would never to harm to him.

There will probably be a lot of spoiler text, because Girl Who Says Ni simply can't resist putting up tropes for the future arc, even if the first arc hasn't been published in fanfic form yet.

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