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Other possible titles: Clowder

Warriors-esque animal fantasy whose characters have been stalking around Gecko's mind since fourth grade at the earliest. They're talking cats. Yaaaaay. Has a lot of stuff similar to Warriors that she added as a plagerizing twelve-year-old, that's now too integrated into the story and characterization to get rid of. Damn.

Anywhoo, the story isn't quite solid yet, but it follows the Midgreen Clowder, a forest-dwelling colony of feral cats. They encounter the Sloperock Clowder, which is being undermined by a second in command who doesn't feel the leader can keep it safe. In his plans to take over, he enlists the help of many other cats, some even more sneaky and dangerous as he is. At first the Midgreens only want to escape with their clowder intact and get on with their lives, until some of the conspirators get them directly involved.



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