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This Steampunk novel-in-progress by This Troper is set in the fictional city of Gyllan.

Six people are arrested after an attempted heist to steal a groundbreaking new drug called a Memoriatum, that has the ability to alter certain aspects of the consumer's memories. Sentenced with capital punishment, the gang have three days to reveal the location of an escaped seventh member before they are to be publicly executed for their crimes. The only witness to the heist is teenaged Zaylai Atley, brought into the prison for questioning.


The gang includes:

  • Timothy Todd - the cunning, soft-spoken dangerous leader of the gang, reknown for his cruelty and ruthlessness.
  • William Courtluck - a reformed murderer blackmailed into working for Todd.
  • Lieutenent Edwin Spencer - an old ex-marine who wants revenge on the Memoriatum dealer for destroying his reputation.
  • Marie Spencer - Edwin's wife, and a skilled illusionist.
  • Thomas Hawke - the dealer's nephew, desperate for money to pay off his many debts.
  • Amaryllis Valerie Mockler - a young aristocratic woman disowned from her family after deciding to break off an arranged marriage and travel around the world. She joined the gang to spite her father, and is recruited for her high connections and knowledge of chemistry.

As Amaryllis's sister Holly joins forces with local detective Brian Diers to break the six of them out of jail, her friend Brooke Carrauld finds herself unwillingly entwined into the whole affair when she shelters a psychopathic fugitive who insists that the Memoriatum will set off a secret war under the very nose of the government.


Meanwhile, a secret organization is out for Timothy Todd's blood, intent on doing anything necessary to get their hands on Todd or any of his acomplices if they escape. Criminals are strangled to death by a hangman's noose on the street as a warning signal.

Time is running out, and the Memoriatium must be found before it makes its way into the black market and everything goes into chaos. Nobody and nothing - not even your own memory - can be trusted.


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