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Mega Man X Fighters is an Arcade Game developed by Arc System Works and published by Capcom. Based on the Mega Man X series.

Playable characters:

From Mega Man X:

From Mega Man X2:

From Mega Man X3:

From Mega Man X4:

From Mega Man X5:

From Megaman X 6:

From Mega Man X7:

From Mega Man X8:

Original characters from the game:


Later on the game gained a port to Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Provides examples of:

  • Action Girl: Alia, Layer and Pallette. Iris downplays this, as she is less of a fighter and more of a pacifist.
  • Autobots, Rock Out!: As expected for a Megaman game... but even more so given that this is also an Arc Sys game...
  • Canon Foreigner: Delbrand, Fei, Nastenka, Gaius, Robin, Midnight and Selene.
  • Demoted to Extra: If you're expecting at least one of the Maverick Bosses in the game, too bad. They're only mentioned in the storylines.
    • General as well, given than he only appear as a cameo in Colonel's and Iris' storylines. Same deal with Isoc in Gate's and High Max's storylines.
  • The Dragon: Midnight to Selene
  • Expy: Fei's moveset and visuals are borrowed of Jam and Litchi.
    • Nastenka looks like a robotic Saber, more exactly, Altria Pendragon.
    • Delbrand is one to Massimo.
  • Final Boss: Sigma, as expected. Except that he is not the True Final Boss...
  • Moveset Clone: Alia, Layer, Pallette are ones to X, Zero and Axl respectively. Colonel also counts as one to Zero too, but otherwise their movements are pretty different.
    • Although Signas IS the one who plays similar to Colonel...
  • Shotoclone: X is one of these. Zero also counts, as he can pull Shoryukens with his Z-Saber.
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  • Wolverine Publicity: And yeah, Zero is here too.

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