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A probably never-to-be-written fanfic idea by The Lyniezian.

Imagine if the characters and concepts from seemingly random different anime, Western movies and TV series, and comics were lumped together, tweaked somewhat and dumped into the North-East of England.

Let's just say those included Back to the Future, bits of The DCU, Dirty Pair, Project A-ko, Blackadder, Ashes to Ashes (2008), Cagney & Lacey and... St. Trinian's. Maybe Jenny Everywhere will turn up as well. And that list could be added to. (Like with Dad's Army, Doctor Who, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy...)


Let's just say that the author is playing fast and loose with his re-imagining of the works in question, not to mention has Small Reference Pools in not having the entire franchises, and that only half-remembered, with exceptions.

That would be this idea.

Basically the inspiration for this came from the Canon Welding of several different ideas, all of which involve blatant Creator Provincialism turned Up to Eleven:

  • Ideas, taken from assorted dreams and "imaginings" going back to childhood, about an Alternate Universe version of the author's home town, Stockton-on-Tees, which is somewhat different to reality, and indeed notably bigger.
  • Ideas on how to remake or "re-imagine" Back to the Future, which happened to involve Marty McFly and "Doc" Brown being genderflipped and also eventually being set in Stockton (with the time travel taking place in the High Street and the "clock tower" stuck by lightning being that of the Town Hall).
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  • The author trying to work out if Project A-ko could be described as "St Trinian's with giant robots"... the school in the anime is nowhere near that bad, but it would be a fun concept.
  • A blatant Author Appeal fantasy involving Supergirl and Power Girl being resident superheroines in a vaguely Retro Universe Stockton, somehow the Lovely Angels made an appearance and then... heck, why not just keep adding stuff until you get one Massive Multiplayer Crossover?

The story would in fact be episodic, with multiple different tales based on the original source material as well as new ideas.


Tropes that might be present in this story include:

  • Action Girl: quite a few of them.
  • Adaptation Inspiration: in relation to the original works is this.
  • Adaptational Name Change:
    • "A-ko" and "C-ko" are just nicknames based on the pair's awkward relationship to Biiko "B-ko" Daitokuji. (Their actual names being Amy and Cindy respectively.)
    • The ...erm, Lovely Angels are Kate and Julie rather than Kei and Yurinote .
  • Adaptational Sexuality: Not only with Martynote  and Jennifer, but the -kos are all explicity either lesbian or bisexual, not simply implied to be.
  • Affectionate Nickname: The -kos. In this version, A-ko and C-ko are English, and only get their names for being associated (awkwardly) with Biiko "B-ko" Daitokuji. Originally revealed to be a bit of a sore spot for A-ko at first, but it grew on her.
  • Alien Invasion: Happens ultimately, loosely inspired by Project Ako.
  • Aliens in Cardiff: Time travel, crashed alien spaceships, superheroes... on Teesside? You must be joking, right?
  • The Alleged Car: The time machine, still built out of a Delorean, as far as Marty is concerned.
  • Alpha Bitch: Fem!Biff Tannen, Tiff "Needles" Tannen (see below) and of course B-ko.
  • Alternate History Wank: the real-life Stockton-on-Tees is a somewhat backwaterish, moderately-sized affair and somewhat dwarfed by the equally modest upstart neighbour Middlesbrough. In this story's 'verse, it basically has expanded to fill a good chunk of County Durham and North Yorkshire. Certain locally controversial redevelopments to the Real Life town centre (here referred to by all as the "Old Town") also never happened. And that alien spaceship which crashed into Graviton City in Project A-ko? Here, it crashed into Middlesbrough.
  • Author Appeal: Between sci-fi comedy, Action Girl types, Alternate History and a passing interest in real local history, this has it covered. (Not too much of this is outright fetishization though.)
  • Berserk Button: naturally, the Lovely Angels don't like being called the "Dirty Pair". But also, don't mention St. Trinian's. (In this version, it's their old school, and they are desperatly trying to shake off the reputation... and failing. Miserably.)
  • Boarding School of Horrors: St. Trinian's, every bit what the original films and cartoons were, just transplanted Oop North. Except they're now home to A-ko, B-ko and C-ko, as well as a genderflipped Marty McFly and her girlfriend Jennifer Parker, the Only Sane Women of the school.
    • Somewhat averted in 2015 (standing in for Back to the Future's 1985) as by then it accepts day pupils. In 1985 (standing in for 1955) it's still just a boarding school.
  • Butterfly of Doom: Introduced to correct the minor "time travel could not work that way" gripes with the original Back to the Future movies, but are overlooked because the original movies are just that awesome. In this story, the lightning bolt doesn't strike the clock tower as predicted leaving Marty (along with A-ko and C-ko) stranded in the past. Until B-ko turns up with her own time machine (and Jennifer in tow) to try and get C-ko back.
  • The Cameo: several characters from various works/franchises, or variations on them, make an appearance:
  • Canon Defilement: this is very much a "re-imagining", so the story plays fast and loose with its inspiration.
  • Composite Character: Tiff "Needles" Tannen, a composite of Douglas J. Needles from the films and Tiff Tannen from the spinoff games. (Also a kind-of punny Shout-Out to British racing driver and TV presenter Tiff Needell, although the resemblance ends there.) Here, she's fem!Biff's daughter and Alpha Bitch of the St. Trinian's Upper Sixth, playing a minor role as antagonist to our heroines.
  • Conveniently Empty Building: Lampshaded, played for laughs and somewhat justified: it's a rapidly expanding Mega City where lots of startup industries have come and gone. Since the setting incorporates any number of superheroes, giant robots, a pair of inept Trouble Consultants and a time machine built out of a car we're bound to see a whole load of these being destroyed.
  • Deadpan Snarker: apart from characters like Blackadder who were this to begin with, quite a few of the characters get a snarkiness upgrade. Especially Marty and Jennifer.
  • Embarrassing Nickname:
  • Fanon: That A-ko's parents are Superman and Wonder Woman was hinted at in the source material, in this, it's explicit. (As is the Les Yay regarding B-ko for C-ko. note )
  • Fix Fic: the story attempts to deal with what the author thought were some of the problems with time travel in the original Back to the Future movies, namely, the lack of butterfly effect as regards the lightning hitting the clock tower, and the Delayed Ripple Effect which the author thought did nothing to resolve the issue of Temporal Paradox. Here, the girls have travel back to the future and find they've ended up in an Alternate Timeline before they can Set Right What Once Went Wrong.
  • Gender Flip: Marty McFly in this version is a girl (real name Martina) as well as a lesbian (Jennifer Parker is not genderflipped) and "Doc" Brown is also female (first name Emily). The roles of Marty's parents from the original movies are also partially reversed, though their characters are not. Biff Tannen (and his gang) are now all girls as well. This version's counterpart of the owner of "Lou's Cafe" from the 1955 segment of the first Back to the Future movie is also female, known to the local kids as "Auntie" Lou.
  • Girl-on-Girl Is Hot: Averted, deliberately so. This isn't that type of a story, in spite ofnote  it having a male author and featuring Schoolgirl Lesbian protagonists. Is likely to be discussed/parodied/lampshaded mercilessly, though.
  • Improbably Female Cast: This is kind of Author Appeal (no, not necessarily THAT kind), but understandable given the way things panned out.
  • Le Parkour: In this version Marty is a traceuse rather than a skateboarder. A-ko seems to be a natural plus she has superpowers... if she weren't leaving a trail of destruction behind her.
  • Local Hangout: Lou's Coffee Bar (based on the place in the original Back To The Future movie) is this, although it's re-invented as a typically British greasy-spoon type place, run by one "Auntie Lou", who takes no crap from anyone but her bacon butties are legendary. Nevertheless it's where the local kids in 1985 all hang out after they've been kicked out of the Black Lion for underage drinking (see below), and where Marty goes to get breakfast before bumping into Lorraine.
  • Lovely Angels:
    • In 2015, The Trope Namers are re-imagined as Kate and Julienote , partners in Lovely Angels (Trouble Consultants) Ltd. (Affiliated with the World Welfare Work Associationnote .) We Will Solve Any Problem For You(TM).
    • In 1985, Christine Cagney and Mary-Beth Lacey, two New York police detectives, end up in a coma and find themselves mysteriously transported to the UK, where they find themselves working under a certain DCI Gene Hunt, who himself has transferred to Stockton in this version of events.
  • Love Triangle: The -kos, played very straight in this version in a very complicated way.
  • Massive Multiplayer Crossover: the basic premise.
  • Mega City: the City and Borough of Greater Stockton-on-Tees, affectionately known as "Mega-Stockton".
  • My Local: The Black Lion is named as the place the sixth formers in 1985 from which George, Lorraine and Biff come from, are always getting kicked out of. The girls later adopt the 2015 version as their own, in this universe the drinking age having since been lowered to 16.
  • Mundane Fantastic: crashed alien spaceships, real life superheroes, giant robots being an actual growth industry, the existence of weird pocket universes on the other end of disused footpaths... really nobody bats an eyelid about A-ko openly displaying her superpowers even though it embarasses her cousin once removed who is still trying to do the whole Secret Identity thing; likewise, that the Doc invented a time machine really isn't all that surprising (just why did is have to be a Delorean?)
  • No Equal-Opportunity Time Travel: Marty has to deal with somewhat more homophobic attitudes in 1985 than she's used to in 2015.
  • Plot Armor: Mostly extends to locations, however to an extent with the characters.
    • Due to part of the idea of the story being that in the setting Stockton Town Centre hasn't been subject to any of the modernization it has it Real Life (being that the author wishes it hadn't) the entire "Old Town" escapes pretty much unscathed. This despite the crashing of a major spaceship and the area being basically inhabited by A-ko, B-ko, the Dirty Pair, all of St. Trinian's and several well-known superheroes plus all the potential for superhero-vs-supervillian and giant robot-vs-whatever battles that engenders. The only threat that occurs to to the Old Town is Mayor Blackadder's modernization plans!
    • St. Trinian's from an institutional standpoint, to the point where the (central) government won't even touch it. The school buildings have been set on fire and blown up over the course of its history, however.
  • Pocket Dimension/Minus World/Eldritch Location: Several of these appear in the town when the girls just happen to be out walking, including the "Abandoned Industrial Site" and the "Footpath to WTF?!?" (both vaguely inspired by real experiences the author has had when out walking, and getting lost, in the local area) and any number of seemingly abandoned or senseless locations dotted around the city that aren't "supposed" to be there and are only arrived at by chance. This was partly shoehorned in just to see what a Minus World might look like in real life, but it would make a good idea for an adventure. (They're also typically filled with EldritchAbominations.)
  • Police Are Useless: played straight in 2015 (much to Mayor Blackadder's frustration), leaving Supergirl, Power Girl and everyone's favourite Trouble Consultants to fill the job. Somewhat averted in 1985; no-one messes with the Gene Genie.
  • One-Gender School: St. Trinian's.
  • Only Sane Women: Marty and Jennifer. A-ko tries to be this, but... (And then, eventually, there's new girl Linda Danvers.)
  • Race Lift/Adaptational Nationality: apart from B-ko Daitokujinote , Christine Cagney and Mary-Beth Lacey note , and half so with Jenny Everywhere, anyone who wasn't originally white and English is now white and English, or at least able to pass for such.
  • Rule 63: Marty, the Doc, Biff, Needles and the cafe owner. Otherwise averted.
  • Suddenly Significant City: Stockton after the alien spaceship lands.
  • Throw-Away Country: Middlesbrough becomes a Throw-Away Town in the backstory, being squished by the alien spaceship and allowing Stockton to rise back to prominence and fill the void.
  • Those Two Girls: A-ko and C-ko in the first part, which is essentially a rehash of the first Back to the Future movie. (It's possible that in any Project A-ko based episodes, this would probably happen to Marty and Jennifer.)
  • Time Travel: A number of possible episodes may cover this:
    • The first one being a loose retelling of the first Back to the Future films (shifted in time by 30 years). This time, the Libyans are a group of dissident Irish republicans, Marty is joined by A-ko and C-ko, there's no Delayed Ripple Effect erasing the photograph, the lighting strike misses the clock tower and Cagney & Lacey as well as Gene Hunt make brief appearances to check on the Doc's "weather experiment".
    • Another one involving a trip to a trip to Walmington-on-Sea in the 1940s.
    • And another, vaguely inspired by Back to the Future II, going forward in time to 2045.
      • Which alternately may turn out to be the in-universe working-in of Bubblegum Crisis, with a bit of foreshadowing being Priss and the Replicants turning up in different time periods and somehow there being time travel involved with the Knight Sabers.
      • The author isn't sure whether it would work to merge in Ghost in the Shell to the same time period or set it even further in the future. Either way this might see the story take a Darker and Edgier tone whereas the rest would be obviously more comic.
    • Another might make A-ko Pippi Longstocking's Missing Mom. Or maybe not.
  • Tokyo Is the Center of the Universe: Only with Stockton instead of Tokyo.
  • Ultimate Authority Mayor: The Worshipful Edmund "Eddie" Blackadder. (Complete with bumbling personal assistant, one Mr. S. Baldrick.) As a minor antagonist in 2015, a plot point involves his (ultimately thwarted, with the help of the girls of St. Trinian's) attempts to redevelop the Old Town, and as a minor character in 1985 where his younger self resembles more the bumbling character in the first TV series.
  • Weird Trade Union (possibly doubling as Absurdly Powerful Student Council): In a Shout-Out to the unsuccesful film The Wildcats of St Trinian's, there is the St. Trinian's Schoolgirls' Union, which has become so powerful that even the government won't touch it (or the school). A breakaway faction is the St. Trinian's Solidarity Association, an anacho-syndicalist alternative... allegedly.
  • Xenafication:
    • In downplayed form with Jennifer Parker from Back to the Future. Here she's not simply a sideline love interest who ends up spending half the story out cold, but plays a more significant role and is a bit of an Action Girl like the rest of the female characters.
    • Marty's mother Lorraine has to go through this over the course of the story. In this version of events, George McFly is still a nerdy character but here he's something of a closet Amazon Chaser with pictures of (albeit scantily clad) fantasy-art warrior women on his walls. Girl!Marty has to persuade Lorraine to stand up for herself in order to win his affections.
  • Zeppelins from Another World: It's an alternate universe. There have to be airships. It's obligatory.

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