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You're hearing the Scare Chord in your head right now, aren't you?note 

Marionettes is an adult animated sci-fi/urban fantasy/horror/conspiracy thriller/dramedy series airing on TBS.note 

The series follows Alexandra "Bev" Beverley (voiced by Michelle Creber) and Deborah "Deb" Miller (Claire Corlett), two American conscripts stationed in Germany who have just finished their service. Embarking on a post-army trip across Europe together upon discharge, the two soon find themselves pursued by two Men in Black, Joan O'Sullivan (Deedee Magno-Hall) and Carl Chapman (Patrick Warburton), for reasons they don't understand, and embroiled in a grand conspiracy involving a mysterious "Dipshit of Destiny", eventually revealed to be Dutch Football Hooligan Elsa van Tonder (Madeleine Peters).


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