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Since ancient times, the battle between good and evil wizards has raged. Today, in Coastal City, the fight for dominance of good and evil continues in Marblehead Manor, a tale of sorcery, intrigue and gardening.

From the pen of Bananaquit, a future live action TV series still in the writing phase. Marblehead Manor tells the tale of great-in-his-own-mind wizard Mandragor and his bumbling attempts for dominance of the Wizard's Council. Attempting to aid him in his machinations: his faithful (yet lazy and wisecracking) dwarf assistant Balgor. Attempting to hinder his plans, nearly everyone else, usually unwittingly.


Not to be confused with the American one-season NBC television show of the same name.

Regular Characters

  • Mandragor (Henry Marblehead)
  • Balgor Stonehammer
  • Flora Marblehead
  • Phileas Q. Figg
  • Sparks

Recurring Characters

  • Johanna
  • Lady Cassandra Betaine
  • Jake Porter
  • Hyperion
  • Mayor W. H. Shafter
  • Mr. Bryte & Mr. Broderick
  • Zenobia
  • Leiothrix


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