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Lethal Force is a comedic animated TV Show that currently exists only in the mind of its creator. Its premise is this:

It is 20 years in the future (no matter what year it currently is). Violent crime and unemployment are at an all-time high, and prisons are getting overpopulated. To remedy prison overpopulation, the government decides to let all prisoners except for sex offenders out of prison and force them to work. Unfortunately, the only work that's readily available are jobs as cops due to high death rates caused by the prevalence of violent crime.


The show is a parody of Buddy Cop Shows, and follows the (occasionally accidentally heroic) adventures of Abdul, an Islamic terrorist by day, and a family man by night, and Randy, a Violently Asexual Neo-Nazi. The whole point of the show is to Cross a whole bunch of lines a few hundred times.

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