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"Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye" is an unfinished science fiction/military/adventure novel by Bronzethumb, who should really get back to editing the damn thing. It's the first in an epic series.

Set in 2182, during an interstellar war between the military-oriented Empire and the commerce-oriented Cribari Colonies (both of these being human civilizations), Lt. Jonathan Black is a reluctant soldier in the Imperial Marine Corps who gets roped into a dangerous mission to rescue General Garcia, whose shuttle has crashed behind enemy lines on "E-Delta 4", a contested agricultural planet. Black is about as unwilling a soldier as you'll ever find, but when he finds out that The One That Got Away, Flight Lt. Abby Lawson, and her "flight" partner, Flight Lt. Eric Fleming, were Garcia's pilots and are now trapped with him, Black is determined to save them come hell or high water.


Of course, there's a bit more going on. Black's new boss, Mr. Warren, is playing some kind of game with him. There's a Cribari agent at work, with a plan that could wreak havoc on the Empire, and Jonathan Black and his companions are going to find themselves in the unenviable position of being the only ones who can do anything about it...

Character Bios and Tropes:

Jonathan Black, 1st Lieutenant, IMC. Born on the planet Macquarie (in the Australian sector of the Empire) in 2152. Was tricked into signing up for an officer's commission in the Marine Corps. Served on the front lines of the Imperial/Cribari war since its outbreak in 2173. Commanded 1st Platoon, Alpha Company, 402nd Regiment since 2175, and met Jonesy at that time. First met Abby and Eric in 2176 during shore leave on an extra-system station (a space station located between star systems).

Abigail Lawson, Flight Lieutenant, IN. She's a transport and shuttle pilot attached to the Hastings (the 402nd Regiment's carrier), with aspirations of becoming the captain of a starship. Extremely patriotic, she volunteered for the Navy in the earliest days of the war and has an immaculate service record. In a long-term relationship with her flight partner, Lt. Eric Fleming

Christopher Bell, civilian contractor, Cribari Military Intelligence. The villain of the novel, he is developing an advanced radiological weapon and delivery system, and plans to use it against Imperial civilians en masse. He command a small battalion of Cribari soldiers and scientists, has commandeered a small town and hidden a workforce of civilians to use as slaves in accomplishing his ends.

Franklin "Jonesy" Jones, 1st Sergeant, IMC. Black's closest friend, right-hand man and highest-ranking NCO in the unit. A career soldier who joined the Marine Corps right out of secondary school; he is 41 years old at the time of the story. Typically carries heavy weapons into combat, always has a cigar handy and is very fond of his greatcoat.

Eric Fleming, Flight Lieutenant, IN.


Matthew Lars, 2nd Lieutenant, IMC.

    Mr. Warren 
Mr. Warren, special operations officer, Imperial Intelligence Initiative.

    The Unit 

  • Mark Navarro, Major, CA. The senior Cribari military officer in the battalion assigned to Bell; his second-in-command.
  • Thomas, civilian scientist, CA. In charge of Bell's scientific team, tasked with adapting rare Azaezan technology into the Sigma Weapon.

  • George Garcia, Major General, IMC. Commanding officer of the 17th Expeditionary Force, charged with the infantry battle for E-Delta 4.
  • Neva Sullenger, Lieutenant Colonel, IMC. Duty officer under General Garcia.
  • Stephen Brown, 2nd Lieutenant, IMC. Aide to General Garcia.
  • Andrew Archer, 2nd Lieutenant, IMC. Aide to General Garcia.

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