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Into The Dream is a work in progress Fantasy RPG / Dating Sim being created in RPG Maker 2003 by PK Lpikachu.

Years have passed since the war between the Kingdom and the Empire was fought. The evil emperor locked away the Kingdom's seven most powerful heroes in powerful magical prisons, or so he thought. The leader of the Kingdom's heroes, Rory, managed to escape in the nick of time, living and training under the radar of the Empire until he is powerful enough to free his friends.It Was All Just A Dream, however. Or Was It?Rory Smith is an Ordinary High-School Student moving into a new town and starting his sophomore year at a new school. There, he meets his Childhood Friend Bryan, Lovable Jock Mia, Hollywood Nerd Akiko, The Ace Jackson, Big Eater Grant, and Cute Clumsy Girl Robin. Things get stranger as Rory realizes the Kingdom's heroes and his new friends from school may or may not be one in the same. Now, Rory has to find the cause behind this intermingling of dreams and reality.


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