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Hypervania is a Heroic Fantasy webcomic written by troper Totally Not An Alien. It centers around the Barbarian Hero Kullan and his journeys across the planet Hypervania.

This work shows examples of:

  • Born in the Saddle: Combined with My Horse Is a Motorbike for the Qazars.
  • Conlang: Many, from Ghoulish to the Fair Toungue. Human civilizations each have their own as well.
  • Culture Chop Suey:
    • Alkrys is like Greece and Rome.
    • Thung (pronounced like tongue) is like Ancient Egypt and China.
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  • Expy: Many of the "original" deities are in fact expies of other deities, created or otherwise.
  • The Fair Folk: Fairies were once a highly advanced race of Starfish Aliens living in an Advanced Ancient Acropolis. Unfortunately, they thought that gave them the right to be jerks. After an apocalypse bringing the end of the previous age, they lost their technology and the races of Hypervania forced them underground. However, every so often a fairy comes to the surface and torments others.
  • God Is Evil: Ymhalog, the creator of the universe. It created the gods as a Servant Race, and when the original gods refused to do its bidding, it destroyed them. It's currently sleeping, but its dreams influence reality, which is why the universe is so crapsack.
  • Heävy Mëtal Ümlaut: The Qazars are depicted as one of the most metal human cultures, and their language features heavy use of umlauts. Justified, because it represents a backness distinction.
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  • Lovecraft Lite: Swings between this and Cosmic Horror Story, but ultimately lands on the former.
  • Mythopoeia: A lot of plot revolves around ancient gods and monsters, with a fleshed out history of the entire universe, not just Hypervania.
  • Pūnct'uatìon Sh'akër: Ghouls and Qazars often have apostrophes in their names. Justified, because it represents a glottal stop.
  • Proud Warrior Race: All the races have histories of wars and violence, but none more so than the Qazars.
  • Schizo Tech: On one hand, you've got swords and horses. On the other hand, you've got lazer guns and motorcycles. What is and isn't futuristic is decided by little more than Rule of Cool.
  • Starfish Aliens: Though creatures and races from Hypervania are either Earth organisms or (somewhat) identifiable fantasy species, extraterrestrials and deities are usually quite bizarre.
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  • Überwald: Yuvrakh.

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