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At TV Tropes, we don't want to stifle your creative talent. Feel free to add pages if you think they are warranted. Why waste all the time getting the page just right? You don't want to deprive anyone of it for longer than you need to, do you? Now remember these rules.

Compare How Not to Write an Example.

-Ignore proper formatting too!
  • It's a great idea to write in first person using Me and my as much as possible
    • Also make sure to tense shift as often as possible! Because everybody wants to know my gender and why him being so is important!
  • Justifying edits are the best! Forget Repair, Don't Respond, we wanna feel victorious whenever we correct a troper!
    • What makes you think that? They're completely annoying!
    • Use Justifying Edits even for tropes that have absolutely no negative connotations. It's totally unfair for people to accuse your favorite work of containing Achey Scars, even when there was totally a good reason for that trope to be present.
    • To be fair, this page has a good reason for everything it says.
  • Make sure to pothole every threatening moment, no matter how threatening it is, to Oh, Crap!.
    • Oh, Crap! is not about the character's reaction to something. It's about the thing that caused the reaction. Or might have caused it. Or might cause it in the audience.
  • Don't waste too much time editing something. Just bring your viewers to another example! They won't mind! See above for more details.
  • Remember that every troper just fucking loves swearing, so make sure you insert as much goddamn profanity it takes for them to get the fucking message!
    • Hell yeah!
  • The Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment is a lie: 99% of tropers are looking for a fight, so please accommodate them by including as much Flame Bait as possible in every sentence of your description.
  • Instead of writing the work's name, just pothole a name to the work's page. Because everyone will know what work you're talking about when they see the name "Twilight Sparkle" or "Gensokyo".
  • If you see a work is already listed as an example, but doesn't mention all instances of the trope's occurrence, just add a second-level bullet point below the original example without changing anything else.
  • If the trope is objective, you should still insert potholes to YMMV tropes. If people see these potholes on a supposedly objective page, it will emphasize how prevalent that subjective opinion is within the fanbase.
  • Refer readers to other pages for more information. See How Not to Write an Example for more information.
  • Linking to an Article Within the Article is perfectly fine and not redundant at all, especially when editing How Not to Write a Trope Page.

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