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This was my first major project. And when I say major, I mean HUGE. It was going to be the entire history of one fantasy kingdom. It would never end. When I grew old, I would find a young writer whom I admired, and train my padawan for the task of continuing the continuity.'s currently sitting on my computer at 95 pages, all but untouched for the last three years.

Wait, what? The plot? Wh- oh, right. It's a generic quest fantasy with Loads and Loads of Characters. There are 12 protagonists, most (but not all) of them wielding a power connected to one of the ten elements. You know, fire, rock, sand, water, air, ice, dark, plant, magic, techno. Oh, and heart, only that's not an element.


Nearly all of the protagonists are from different tribes connected with said powers, and the entire plot of the first book was merely setting up the You All Meet in an Inn scenario. But the tribes are at war, and Reality Ensues. Yes, Anyone Can Die. (In fact, I believe it was heading towards Kill ’Em All.)

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