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Here's To Love (also known as Pokétalk) is a [nonexistent] Pokémon fanfiction inspired by/based on the film Down with Love. The fanfiction pays homage to screwball comedies including Pillow Talk (which Down with Love itself is a parody of), and is written in an interesting manner; it uses shifting narrators and the dialogue is written like a script for the characters.

The fic is set in the late 1950s and centers a playboy Mewtwo living in an apartment. Mewtwo begins to fall for his neighbor, a Gardevoir who works as an author of romance and interior design, but Gardevoir sees him as a nuisance. Mewtwo’s main competition is one of Gardevoir’s clients, a shiny Lucario. Hilarity Ensues as Mewtwo tries to win over Gardevoir by forming a new persona for himself: a country singer named Rick Harrison.


Contains Mewtwo/Gardevoir and Lucario/Gardevoir (With a hint of Mewtwo/Lucario)

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