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You aren’t welcome here... but you’re going to come anyway. Be prepared for Hell. Because that’s exactly what we’ll give you.

Heaven On Lockdown is a closed, Discord-based Danganronpa RP group. 18 high school students find themselves waking up on the top floor of a desolate tower. The last thing they remember was signing up for a pre-Hope’s Peak summer preparation course. Locked away with no help, they are left with only one way to go - down.


Heaven On Lockdown demonstrates these examples of tropes:


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     Male Students 

Hideyoshi Abbandonato REAL NAME: Hideyoshi Abbandonato

SHSL Food Critic


Hideyoshi is straightforward with his reviews and most people worldwide depend on his reviews before approaching food establishments or completely avoid them, he is very harsh with his reviews but also offers advice directly to the establishments and giving them a second chance, Hope’s Peak believes him to be worthy of this title due to his popularity among food industries, besides this you can't dig up much else about him...

  • Cool Shades: Hideyoshi wears sunglasses everywhere, even indoors, for no apparent reason.
  • Yakuza: He was secretly a hitman from the famous Yakuza family, the Amusans.

Ethan Bordellon

SHSL Shepherd

Hailing from the more rural regions of France, Ethan Bordellon in spite of his young age is one of the most recognised faces in his country's agricultural community, and by far the most trusted one to anybody seeking advice on how to better care for their sheep. Now a dependable producer of high quality wool and animal products, the Bordellon farm has experienced a spike in income over the last few years, owed mostly to a recently formed business partnership between them and a popular Japanese tailoring company. While not much about the shepherd himself is known, he does gain a lot of local attention for performing in sheepdog trials without the aid of dog, with the sheep he trains able to carry out a successful routine from his commands alone.

  • Teens Are Short: A good number of this cast are rather short, but Ethan is on the low end at 5'0".

Akio Kuchi

SHSL Mortician

Despite his bright appearance and bubbly personality, Akio Kuchi is very close to death! He’s the Super High School Level Mortician, and the co-owner of the Kuchi Funeral Home! It’s co-run by the youngest mortician in all of Japan— the one and only Akio! He’s been running the business under the watchful eye of his older sister for years, and business has been nothing but great!


SHSL Horror Rakugoka

At first glance, you wouldn’t expect such an absurd looking grim kid to be a master of the ancient performance art; rakugo. However, Monoshiro specializes in the horror genre, specifically Japanese urban legends, which is what makes him stand out. The eerie aura he creates turns scary storytelling into a whole new and different experience. His shows are held inside a small dark tent and are limited to an audience of five people only, for a better and ghostlier effect. It is guaranteed that his shows will entertain you. They might not terrify you, but they can surely be considered amusing.

  • Chuunibyou: Word of mun says that Monoshiro is one of these.

Juzou Nakazato

SHSL Virtuoso

Some people call him an angel, or at least claim he has the voice of one. Juzou Nakazato wouldn’t go that far (that’s blasphemy, after all!), but the boy has been hard at work on his vocals since he was young, and it’s certainly paid off considering he’s now lauded as one of the leading tenors in Japan even at 18, a bonafide virtuoso of the new age. With roles ranging from Faust to Roméo (but known best as the former), the young but accomplished lyric tenor got his start in the choirs of his church and Glory Academy, a prestigious private Catholic school. But his vocals couldn’t just be confined to hymns, soon expanding to arias and serenades. It’s not just a good voice that makes a virtuoso, but vocal skills as well, and Nakazato has them in spades. That combination, along with his boyish good looks and his altar boy behavior have endeared him to not just Japan, but operatic communities worldwide, thus cementing his title of Super High School Level Virtuoso.

Mamoru Satou

SHSL Jeet Kune Do


Hope’s Peak has a tendency to scout out the best of the best young martial artists in Japan, and this practitioner of the philosopher and hybrid martial art of Jeet Kune Do is no exception. Mamoru Satou speaks openly about his background as a formerly troubled youth who reformed into a martial arts master. He’s a passionate and encouraging young man constantly striving to improve himself, in and outside of matches. A fiery heart here is tempered by a man who makes a point of trying to be calm and philosophical.

  • Good Is Not Dumb/Smarter Than You Look: A hot-blooded Nice Guy and walking shonen anime cliche who believes in The Power of Friendship, but he also believes in backing it up, and actually doing more than believing to solve a problem. He also strives to pursue all sorts of types of knowledge, not simply his pursuit of strength, and wishes to succeed and improve academically rather than simply physically.


SHSL Technician

Sukan is a hot-headed, short-tempered guy that’s quite hard to be around. No one really knows where he came from, but they do know he’s not afraid to fight and argue at a moment’s notice. Regardless, there is no dispute on how efficiently he can fix electrical and mechnical objects, even if his methods aren't exactly considered "safe" or "by the textbook". He is a bit of a builder at heart.

  • Delinquent Hair: Sukan's spiky, orangey-red mohawk certainly fits into this category.

     Female Students 

Churi Aikawa

SHSL Love Guru

Churi Aikawa is the biggest name for all those who are in love in Japan. She’s the one who will make sure that you are in love, that you continue in love, and that your love shines forever. Even not having any love interests, she can and will work hard to assure that you are given the best opportunities. Travelling all over the country, and responsible for many of the most important public couples of our nation, she’s going to make sure that not only you find your soulmate, but also that you can stay with them until death do you part!

Jingyi Feng

SHSL Fortune Cookie Maker

Isabew wite me... Isabew pwease

Range "Ran" Goto

SHSL Falconer

Known in the scientific community across Asia, Range ‘Ran’ Goto is a young conservationist who has made a name for herself in bird keeping and raptor conservation. She’s worked with major raptor study and conservation organizations in Japan, China, Mongolia, Russia, and elsewhere as a bird and human trainer. She also has a series of educational videos on Youtube for those interested in raptors and how to care for them starring herself and her feisty, spirited, and prized red-tailed hawk, Beatrice.

Rina Kashiwabara

SHSL Dance Arcade Gamer

Born in New Zealand and raised in the quiet suburbs of the States, Rina Kashiwabara admittedly isn’t a very well-known name, having only recently risen in the ranks of primarily dance-based gaming; however, if you were to come across her in an arcade, you would instantly be able to understand how she managed to get her title. Her impressive high scores and speed have won her multiple competitions and prizes, with a Hope’s Peak scout coming to one of her after-parties to speak directly with her. Speedy, spontaneous, and seemingly able to talk on and on without ever running out of breath, Rina is a friendly and sociable figure with a knack for fast-paced gaming.

Tori Kirami

SHSL Paranormal Vlogger

A paranormal vlogger who got started because of her interest in her grandfather told her and in rumors and urban legends that were spread around her school. She started off taking videos and photos of supposedly haunted or eerie places just for fun, but decided that it’d be a good idea when a friend suggested that she post them on the internet. Despite her focus on the paranormal, she tries to keep her videos and posts as factual and respectful as she can.

Yukari Kirasaki

SHSL Potionist

Originating from a place known as Moonlight City, Yukari is a blunt, assertive individual, who usually won’t hesitate to speak her mind when she feels the need to. With a hint of mischief in her personality, Yukari has her own plans to rule the world some day. In the mean time, however, why not buy a potion? They’re at a discounted price, so can you really resist? You wouldn’t want to make her upset, would you?

Nuruigai Nijimura

SHSL Archer


Nuruigai Nijimura is a star archer with an eagle’s eye. There’s a common rumor that she’s never once missed a shot, and her cold, unplacated demeanor certainly comes off as someone who never hesitates to take one. Amazingly, she’s entirely self taught, and boasts about this; she openly believes that the truth is, you don’t need anyone in this world. The general grimdark, offputting vibe she spouts can be felt wherever she goes or speaks, but she carries herself with it all the same.

Hiwa Hiwa Palakiko

SHSL Firedancer

Born in the middle of the ocean, well not exactly! But pretty close! Hiwahiwa Palakiko is from Tuvalu, an island far from Japan and slowly disappearing into the Pacific Ocean. Hiwa Hiwa however is a well known household name back home though from her natural charm and kindness to her unmatched talent and dedication when it comes to fire dancing! If you were to see her dance for yourself, you surely would be mesmerized at how graceful the young girl is! As to how Hopes Peak found her likely is a mystery...but they are surely glad they did due to how much popularity and funding she has brought to the academy!

Nanami Shibanen

SHSL Investigative Journalist

Any commentator knows that the shocking downfall of the Councillor Takuma Kawada marked a major downturn in the state of Japanese politics. But perhaps one of the greatest shockers of the story is that his exposé was researched and written by a 16-year-old high school student. Nanami Shibanen, the daughter of two famous lawyers, exhibits the same predatory vindictiveness that made the Shibanen-Hebitsue law firm so notorious. No one can be sure just how Shibanen is able to smell the blood in the water, but she holds the reputation of being able to latch onto even the slightest sign of corruption and from there unearth a gold mine of incriminating evidence.

  • Academic Alpha Bitch: Shibanen demands that everyone treat her with respect, as the intelligent and superior person that she believes herself to be. That's not to say she isn't smart, but she certainly takes a lot of pride in being that way.
  • Brainy Brunette: She has dark hair, and she's smart.
  • The Cynic: Her earliest conversation with Nescio reveals that Shibanen believes all people are flawed, or full of "sin".
  • Emotionless Girl: She isn't quite emotionless, but she can definitely come across that way, especially at first meeting. Shibanen keeps her emotional responses quite low.
  • Hair Decorations: Shibanen wears a pink headband with bows on the sides.
  • Pink Means Feminine: Her all-pink outfit certainly embodies this trope. Shibanen is a bit of a Girly Girl in how she presents herself, to be sure.
  • Sherlock Scan: She performs one of these on Nescio when the latter asks her to guess what their Talent and specialization are.
  • The Spock: From the very beginning, Shibanen proves herself to be someone who is truly investigative, observant, and logical. She didn't receive her title for nothing....

     Nonbinary Students 


SHSL Butcher

A creepy child with an even creepier profession. Not something you usually see a pastel child to be doing. But Axel does their job with utmost proficiency. Every piece of meat is memorized and every slice is meat is sliced to perfection. No customer has been left unsatisfied.

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Baphomet Crowley

SHSL Death Metal Musician

Though some might call them edgy, there’s no question that Baphomet Crowley is among the most popular musicians of the day, rising to the top of the charts at alarming speeds. They’re the singer, songwriter, lead guitarist, and probably many other roles for the band Eurynomos, and the youth seem to find that Baphomet’s message resonates with them. Baphomet themself doesn’t seem to care much, practically reclusive, only ever making public appearances for concerts and press releases, but the fans who have spoken with them in person describe them as surprisingly kind. Still, their music is controversial, as it was bound to be, and many establishments have banned them alright. It’s rather common knowledge that Baphomet is actually Hikaru Yagami, an ordinary teenager from a small town who got famous for their music. The story is inspiring and all, but their town of origin is very seemingly unhappy with the attention that Baphomet’s fame is bringing them. Baphomet probably doesn’t care. In time Eurynomos will both outpace and outlive you. Hail Satan!

Nescio Praenomen Nomen Cognomen

SHSL Historian

Without explanation, a sudden plethora of never before seen artifacts dated to the Roman Republic and Empire appeared on the Japanese market and, with them, a mysterious self-proclaimed historian by the name of Nescio Praenomen Nomen Cognomen. Credited with the precise translation and documentation of each artifact, Nescio has become a curious and sought after figure to the intellectual communities related to their work. Despite that, however, little is known of them. The most communication anyone has ever had with them seems to be through anonymous auctions to sell their cache of newly discovered artifacts to the highest bidder.

  • Dark and Troubled Past: No one really knows what happened to Nescio to make them... how they are, and Nescio herself isn't volunteering much information. But with all those scars, it can't be anything good.
  • Deadpan Snarker: She's always making snarky asides about events and other characters.

Sly Salatino

SHSL Contortionist


What can he say, Sly was born from a performing family. His family ran their own traveling circus that became his traveling childhood. Here in one day, across the sea in the next. The show never was too popular, but managed to earn barely enough to live off of. Growing up, the boy was taxed with finding how he could contribute to the troop. Before this he could be found wandering the crowd during shows, pick pocketing and scamming on his father’s orders, earning him the name Sly. Even if he had no performing skills, he would have ended up as a ticket boy or a merchandiser. Lucky for him, the boy found a liking for flexing his body to it’s limits. At first he wasn’t flexible enough to do the more ‘daring’ poses, but with practice both he and his family came to greatly appreciate the talent. Yet as the years went on and performances continued, Sly grew tired of it all as it became a non-stop cycle, background noise to whatever was to come next. Seeking a change, he got word of the Hopes Peak program, a way to both better his skill and hopefully get the love he once felt doing his work.

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Rika Sasatou

SHSL Anesthesiologist


Rika Sasatou, as expected from someone in such a serious line of work, is a highly intense high schooler with an equally intense reverence for their own talent, as well as the talent of others. They’re well known for their skills in, well… anesthesiology, of course! Their talent is most evident in their renowned ability to put patients under, always using just the perfect amount of anesthetics needed for a procedure, using a blend of perioperatives that they claim is secret and unique to themself. Besides being fiercely acute in their understanding of their own talent, this need to prove their abilities extends to others; if you can’t prove what you do right then and there, you might as well be useless.

  • Cool Mask: Rika wears a medical mask on a day-to-day basis; though, they don't seem to have any qualms with taking it off to eat or drink in front of other people.

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