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Hazuko Shirayuki's Brotastic Adventure is a work in progress manga that is designed to be random and cliched whilst trying to be original.

The story is about the titular heroine, Hazuko Shirayuki, and her adventures at her old school that she has recently transferred into. On her first day, while she runs with two pieces of toast in her mouth, she meets up with her childhood friend, Hiroyuki Miyakawa. Hiroyuki's got a pretty big boner for her, but he notices that she's not acting like herself! It's because she's sharing a body with someone, and stay tuned for chapter 20 when we get rid of the main plot point.


It's mainly set around their class of around 30 kids or so, a quirky class which includes a Kafuka clone, a girlish dude who is kinda exaggerated, a dude who wants to own a harem, a dude with a harem of robots who is homosexual, a female asexual eroge programmer, a bisexual eroge hater who looks like a H-Game POV Character, a gardener girl who looks shy but is super hot-blooded and can make plants grow in a way that is like a shounen animu, and many more in the future.

Designed to kill brain cells, and was made to provide stress relief for me, the author.

Because i'm bored, here's a seiyuu list for most of the characters:

Main Cast:

Hazuko ShirayukiEmiri Katou
Hiroyuki MiyakawaMiyu Irino/Takahiro Mizushima
Tsukika MurakamiSatsuki Yukino
Ayame AirisuRyouko Shintani
Daisuke NagisaDaisuke Sakaguchi
Otoha KobayashiMamiko Noto
Kohaku ShirozawaYuko Goto
Shinichi TachibanaHiroyuki Yoshino
Saeki MatsuokaHitomi Nabatame
Hiromi NakaharaSayaka Oohara
Ririka YurizakiSatomi Arai— I mean someone else
Sora AoiAki Toyosaki
Sachiyo KuminoriYukari Fukui

A major work-in-progress so far, no art of the characters yet since it's not coming out well. (Except for Hazuko but I seriously need to remake that)

Can be read here: In a messed up novel form.

This manga provides examples of (redoing this)


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