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Gazing Upon Eternity is a series written by me, CrimsonFlight, that serves as a destruction of the fantasy genre. It is set on a world similar to Earth, only with fourteen moons. It is split into several parts, the first of which I have started writing, with the prologue able to be found on Fictionpress, while the others are merely plot outlines lying around my home.

The first part follows the early journeys of Danis Tronin, a sixteen year old Half-Human Hybrid who lives on a rather large continent aptly named The Continent, which has been under the control of the Fantasy Counterpart Culture of Ancient Rome, known as the Shades or more officially as the Aremus Empire, for the past hundred years. The Shades had destroyed Danis' home, most of her family and had separated her from her older brother four years before the beginning of the story. However, in the present she encounters her brother, Calin Tronin, again, and ends up joining the Union of Pandora, a terrorist organisation/resistance group that Calin is part of, one that is rather morally ambigous and is opposing The Empire.


However, opposing a massive and powerful empire has many difficulties, such as other morally ambiguous resistance groups who have their own goals and the governments of the nations under Aremusian/Shade control, who also oppose them.

The next several parts branch out a bit, and are not really in chronological order. One of the parts is a prequel to the main series, following Calin Tronin during the four years between the destruction of his and Danis' home and their reunion. Another is a semi-sequel, and follows the conflict known as the Celestial War.

Basically Discworld except much more darker and less comedic.

One will have to remember that Anyone Can Die, even the main characters.


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