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Engage your thrusters... MISSION START!
— The Announcer before the match starts

G.U.T.S.: The Galactic Crisis is a fighting game based on the G.U.T.S. franchise, covering initially the first season (with some references to the second season) before eventually covering the second and third seasons through updates and DLC. The game features a 2D fighting game using 3D graphics, although it uses cel-shading to make it reminiscent of sprite-based fighting games while allowing dynamic shots and flashes 3D games have.


The plot follows the show loosely, with no tournament whatsoever. Instead it follows the journey of each playable character as seen in the show. Each character will face through seven fights before culminating in a boss fight that resolves their plot. This means there is no specific "boss character", as characters will have different final boss fights. For instance, Jiro's boss fight is G-Parasite while Marvel's boss fight is Maestro Baugn.

The engine utilizes six attack buttons: three for punches and three for kicks. However, rather than the traditional three-tier strength as seen in most fighters, the game uses weak and strong, and the third button for punch and kick is called Extreme strength. Extreme normal attacks tend to be strong, have additional effects like knockback, and can deal chip damage, but at the same time is slow and predictable when used outside of a combo and can be punished. Extreme (Ex) special attacks uses up a bit of the Guts Meter (the super bar) to perform slightly juiced up versions of the special attack.


The Guts Meter is used a lot of the universal techniques in the game. As you attack and take damage, the meter builds up, and when it fills up, you save up a "stock" of this filled meter and a new one charges. You can charge up to three. However, you can build up a "spare" after fully charging three stocks which goes up to 50%. Performing Ex-special attacks uses half of a meter; performing Guts Blowout, the super moves of this game, costs a full meter; and performing a Guts Allout, the "ultimate" move of this game, costs three full meters. With that in mind, a full three-stock meter with a spare allows you to give leeway to many things, including performing a Guts Allout after an Ex-special attack, or having a spare 50% meter ready after performing a Guts Allout. The game also features Guts Defense which lets you charge up energy while blocking attacks, letting you prevent chip damage while consuming the Guts Meter slowly. This builds up into an explosive force that pushes enemies back and can negate projectiles.


Finally, unlike the traditional "rounded" match, the game instead features a vitality score similar to Darkstalkers 3 and Killer Instinct. Both players start with full health and complete vitality scores. When a player loses all of their health, one of their vitality score is taken away and the health is refilled. When all vitality scores are taken away, the player is "K.O.!"ed.

In its original release, the game featured 14 characters from the show.

  • Jiro - Leader of G.U.T.S. Diosaurian who is serious at his work. Generally a heavy-hitting, close-ranged fighter with some ranged options.
  • Marvel - Member of G.U.T.S. A telepathic mothama who brings the team together. Focuses on confusion and range with attacks coming from different angles.
  • Andy - Member of G.U.T.S. An ankyllan engineer and smart guy of the group. Has super armor on attacks and at the same time readies turrets for attacking.
  • Junior - Member of G.U.T.S. Jiro's younger brother and team pilot who is a bit immature. A fast and nimble fighter who can jump on enemies.
  • K1R-Unit - Cyborg diosaurian who eventually joins G.U.T.S. after an emotional confrontation. Fast character who also hits hard but can't take much of a hit.
  • Beah - Field agent working in the Galactic Alliance who developed control over plant life due to an accident. Keepaway fighter with disjointed hitboxes.
  • Jetter - Representative of silverman race for the alliance. Grappler with other close-up options and the ability to change size of body.
  • Gimel - A tortugan who feels bitter about G.U.T.S. and Jiro particularly, eventually forms a rival group called R.I.O.T. Character with most health and has many defensive attacks.
  • Guygus - Bounty hunter often seen together with Meggon. Can alter fighting styles between using energy claws or his rifle.
  • Meggon - Bounty hunter often seen together with Guygus. Has a unique gimmick involving his flamethrower.
  • Maestro Baugn - An old, wise mothama and teacher of Marvel who is now seen as a terrorist for his radical ideals. Like Marvel he focuses on indirect assault through illusions.
  • Mechajiro - Silicon AI with a robot body meant to mimic Jiro. Strong, slow fighter with good options for both range and melee.
  • Destron - Sentient bio-weapon that is fueled by fulfilling its destiny. Biggest character in the game, and can take and dish out damage equally.
  • G-Parasite - Parasitic organism that took over a diosaurian who has seethed rage towards Jiro, and so adopted this rage as well. Very odd attacks and his unique composition allows him to move around effortlessly.

An update and DLC called Season 2 Pack adds seven new characters to the roster, mostly based on the second season of the show.

  • Jiro (S2) - Season 2 version of Jiro, complete with a different look and arsenal.
  • Leon - Young brother of Marvel who lovingly adores his sister. Lacks psychic powers and has fractured wings, but makes up for it with artificial metal wings that allow him to be agile in the air.
  • Rhodes - A pterosaurian who is head of Research and Development section of the Galactic Alliance. Fights with inventions and his trusty Echophone.
  • Jane - Jiro and Junior's mother. A balanced fighter with wicked melee and ranged combat.
  • Goliath - One of the three drake heads of the Grid Triumvirate, he splits off after realizing the real goals of his fellow heads and joins in stopping them. Fights with solid energy that extends range.
  • Galva - One of the three drake heads of the Grid Triumvirate, she is part machine and very cruel. Can easily maneuver herself around the stage and has odd attacks.
  • Gideon - One of the three drake heads of the Grid Triumvirate and acts as the prime leader. Large attacks are his specialty.

A second update and free DLC was added called Team R.I.O.T.. It adds two characters, the members of R.I.O.T. which Gimel is part of.

  • Greez - A chameleon-like reptilian member of R.I.O.T. who acts as a diplomat. Can teleport through invisibility and deal attacks out of the blue.
  • Gyro - A winged reptilian member of R.I.O.T. who is the brains of the team. Uses various grenades when fighting.

A third update and DLC was released later called Season 3 Pack which adds seven new characters to the roster based on the final season of the show.

  • Mary - Leon's nosy and nagging friend at his planet. She fights with ranged throws using her psychic dust.
  • Yosevin - A vespa acquaintance of Leon who is of royalty. Uses attack drones merged into a robotic construct called Sentinel which she invented.
  • Mechajiro (S3) - Season 3 version of Mechajiro, the one where he joins up G.U.T.S. Can disassemble himself to fight at different angles.
  • Angus - One of Jingoku's trusted soldiers, an ankyllan heavy-arms who can move fast despite his stature.
  • Sheena - One of Jingoku's trusted soldiers, a kaiserian fighter who deals close-quarters combat and various grappling techniques.
  • Rando - One of Jingoku's trusted soldiers, a pterosaurian sniper loaded with trick shots.
  • Jingoku - Diosaurian leader of a rebel group who seek to bring down the Galactic Alliance to usher in a military-dominated state to "prevent further conflict".

Linking mission dossier... MISSION START!

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    Game Tropes 

  • 2½D: The game uses cel-shaded 3D that mimics sprites similar to Guilty Gear Xrd and the gameplay is strictly a 2D fighter that takes advantage of 3D for dynamic angles.
  • Ambidextrous Sprite: Despite being cel-shaded 3D models, the models mimic sprite "flips" when changing positions as it makes attacks easier to tell and be consistent regardless of position. While cosmetic designs, like Jingoku's scar, are retained when switching positions, parts that affect character boxes and similar, like which of Maestro Baugn's hands is holding his cane, are flipped.
  • Battle Intro: If certain characters fight, they usually change the pre-fight intro. They can be small like fellow G.U.T.S. members greeting each other or intense like Jiro taking down each of Mechajiro's shots.
  • Boss Battle: There is no "one" boss character in the game. Instead, each character has their own "boss" to face in their Final Mission (the eighth mission) in Arcade Mode.
  • Four Is Death: In base game Arcade Mode, Mission 7 will always feature one of the four "pre-boss" characters - Mechajiro, Maestro Baugn, Destron, and G-Parasite - as the opponent you fight. If you have the Season 2 and 3 DLC packs, they will add Galva, Gideon, and Jingoku in the mix, removing the "four" motif.
  • Gameplay and Story Segregation: Certain things from the cartoon won't translate well to the game, and vice-versa, usually for balance and other things. For instance, in the show K1R-Unit is a very durable cyborg, but in this game he has Fragile Speedster defense.
  • Late-Arrival Spoiler: The game pretty much shows key plot elements to players who haven't watched the show. Stuff like Junior dying and becoming K1R-Unit, Mechajiro pulling a Heel–Face Turn at the third season, and the final battles against the villains are mentioned liberally.
  • Life Meter: The game forgoes the traditional numbered-round match. Instead, each character has vitality scores/icons (by default set to 2). When a character's health goes to zero, a vitality icon is removed and their health is refilled as the fight is momentarily paused. The player who loses all vitality icons loses the fight.
  • Limit Break: The Guts Blowout and Guts Allout. The former uses up one stock of Guts Meter and the latter uses up three stocks.
  • Mana Meter: The Guts Meter. Each time you fill it, a stock is stored, with up to 3 stocks can be stored and have a 50% extra. 50% of the meter is used for every Extreme version of special moves. A stock is used with a Guts Blowout. All 3 stocks are used when performing a Guts Allout.
  • Non-Indicative Name: Despite the DLC character packs being called "Season 2" and "Season 3" packs respectively, some of the characters there didn't originate from the given season.
    • K1R-Unit, Guygus and Meggon appeared in the second season, yet are in the vanilla game. Similarly, Greez and Gyro are from the second season yet appeared separately in a free DLC.
    • Leon, Rhodes, and Jane appeared in the first season.
    • Mary appeared in the first season and Yosevin herself only made two episodes in appearance as her prominent role was in a spin-off comic focusing on when she, Leon, Mary, Guygus, and Meggon were acting as the back-up G.U.T.S. group.
  • Moveset Clone:
    • Due to the student-teacher relationship, Maestro Baugn and Marvel share a few similar moves despite generally being unique characters. In particular, they both have the Aggravation special move (a ranged special throw) and Neural Feedback Guts Blowout (a repeating lash of psychic dust that travels forward), and Marvel's Release is a variation of Maestro Baugn's Sharp Image (psychic energy acting like a defensive barrier). Even the unrelated character Mary mimics their Neural Feedback with her own Neural Lashing Guts Blowout.
    • And then there's Jiro S2. While certain aspects are shared between the two (like being a Jack-of-All-Stats with a charging attack and projectile and certain normal moves), they carry different weapons and have different movesets altogether.
    • The Grid Triumvirate heads all share two moves called Dragon Dance and Dragon Dive. The variations come from input difference and attack properties.
  • No Kill Like Overkill: A special finishing cutscene is played when you end a match with a Guts Allout.
  • Super Move Portrait Attack: Though rather than a portrait, the game zooms in to the character who is about to perform a Guts Blowout, complete with a start-up animation.
    • Averted when performing a Guts Allout though. The game freezes, the background changes, and a glow is seen on the character who is about to perform a Guts Allout, but otherwise no close-up. It probably makes up with the fact that the rest of the Guts Allout attack are dynamic shots.
  • Victory Quote: Each character has a specific victory quote to another character (even a Mirror Match).

    Tropes for Base Characters 


Affiliation: G.U.T.S.

Team leader of G.U.T.S and a diosaurian. He has a no-nonsense attitude that gets thing done, but has trouble with social activities outside of work, especially towards women. Despite his gruff exterior, he cares about his teammates and has a great sense of duty. And despite the dire situations his team has faced, from an AI-invasion to a parasitic abomination, he leads them through thick and thin.

His boss fight is G-Parasite.

  • Chest Blaster:
    • His special move G-Particles Beam is an average beam of energy from his chest armor.
    • His Guts Blowout G-Particles Dispersion move is a stronger energy burst from his chest.
    • It is powered up by a G-Particle Diffuser in the Guts Allout version G-Particles Dispersion: Diffuser.
  • Home Run Hitter: He carries a titanium-alloy bat with him (it is his preferred melee weapon) and has a Guts Blowout called Slugging Special that involves him swinging one to deal a massive damage while sending the enemy flying.
  • I Know Madden Kombat: He has two moves inspired by sports - a football tackle (Running Tackle) and a baseball swing (Slugging Special).


Affiliation: G.U.T.S.

Member of G.U.T.S. and a mothama. She is naturally born with psychic powers and thus helps out the team with her mental powers. Also keeps the team together as she cares for all of them like a big sister. Her father was originally against her joining the Galactic Federation, but with the help of her former teacher, she was able to enroll in the academy before eventually becoming part of the group.

Her boss fight is Maestro Baugn.


Affiliation: G.U.T.S.

Member of G.U.T.S. and an ankyllian. Formerly assigned to engineering division in the Galactic Alliance, he is reassigned to the team with the same job, but with more on-field duties. He is one of the few friends Jiro has, going way before as cadets. Beyond his smarts, he has certain interests that made him relate with fellow teammate Junior. His mechanical and engineering skills have saved the team from a pinch plenty of times.

His boss fight is Mechajiro.

  • Assist Character: Has turrets off-screen that fire off whenever an enemy is detected.
  • Rolling Attack: Complete with spiked and non-spiked versions!
  • Trap Master: He can summon targeting reticles or even hide detection spots that blasts the enemy that touch them with turret shots.


Affiliation: G.U.T.S.

Member of G.U.T.S., a diosaurian, and Jiro's younger brother. Youngest of the team, he is ordered to join due to his amazing flying skills. However, he has a need to prove himself due to how others see him only getting on the team because of his brother being the leader. He acts immature and sometimes botches things, but he has a heart and he is reliable when he needs to be. During the invasion of the Silicons, he sacrificed himself by manually piloting the evacuated Phalanx into the mothership controlling the Silicon Fleet.

His boss fight is Destron.

  • Simple Staff: His weapon.
  • Wave Motion Gun: His Guts Allout is Phalanx Blast. He pins the enemy down with a strong whack of his staff as he quickly boards the Phalanx, the team ship. He then aims for the pinned enemy and fires off the main cannon of the ship to the poor fellow.


Affiliation: G.U.T.S.

Member of G.U.T.S. who replaces Junior and is a diosaurian cyborg. Junior's near-death body was retrieved from the wreckage of the Silicon Fleet by a lone Silicon AI named Aksii. Having no choice but to create an able body to do his bidding, Aksii resurrected Junior as a cyborg labeled as Killer One Unit or K1R-Unit. With his memories sealed and altered by a chip, he did his creator's bidding without question. It was with repeated encounters with G.U.T.S. was he finally freed, though he still struggles with his new life and body, with maybe some hint of a matured behavior.

His boss fight is Mechajiro.

  • Black Screen of Death: His Guts Allout Thousand Fold. Rather than a full black screen however, stills of K1R-Unit doing slashes flash out during the black screen. It ends with him catching his sword with his sheath and the enemy falling.
  • Charge Attack: He has a special move called Shadow Blitz where he poses before delivering a dashing slash. The player can hold the attack button to increase power and distance, though he remains vulnerable while charging in that pose. The release of the attack has invincibility frames from its start-up to catch enemies attempting to blindly counter this move. Pressing the Extreme strength immediately performs the full powered version of the move.
  • Counter Attack: His Hidden Flash Guts Blowout is a traditional counter move where he poses with his blade. If a melee attack connects (regardless if it's a regular attack, a special, or a Guts Blowout or Allout), he cancels the enemy's action, shows a short cinematic of the foe's reflection on his blade, and immediately performs a counter slash. The enemy then crumples down for a follow-up.
  • Fragile Speedster: In the show he is a very durable cyborg. For balance purposes though, he has one of the lowest health in the game.
  • Invisibility: His ground dash makes him invisible and has a unique ability to momentarily pass through anything. He also has a special move with the same name where he becomes invisible for a few seconds.
  • Iaijutsu Practitioner: More often than not, he attacks by unsheathing, swinging his sword, then sheathing it back. This is exemplified by his special move Shadow Blitz Guts Blowout Hidden Flash.
  • Katanas Are Just Better: His Thousand Fold weapon is shaped like a katana.


Affiliation: Galactic Alliance

One of the field agents of the Galactic Alliance and a diosaurian. She is very skilled in her line of work, but outside she is quite a friendly face. She even displays a crush on Jiro. One mission of her proved to be fatal as she ended up being trapped in a radioactive plant while carrying in her person a gift from Jiro. She barely survived, but the gift, a flower, was "fused" into her. After another encounter with Jiro, she regained her composure and once more returned as an agent, now with an additional arsenal.

Her boss fight is G-Parasite.


  • Sizeshifter: Can change his size on will, and even only parts of him.
  • Spin Attack: His Guts Blowout Massive Spinning Jetter involves making his arms large and then spinning while moving forward.
  • Wrestler in All of Us: The only grappling character in the base game even! He has two grounded grab attacks - a close-up grab and a jump-to-smash-on-ground grab, and has two grounded Guts Blowout grabs - a close-up grab and an anti-air grab.


  • Counter Attack: His Bastion Blast Guts Blowout makes him turn his back on the foe. If any attack hits him, whether a melee or a projectile, he fires a powerful shot as a retaliation. Players can force him to fire even if no attack hits by inputting the command again, though this consumes 50% more of the Guts meter.
  • Everything Is Better With Spinning: He spins himself while inside his shell for some of his special moves.
  • Luckily My Shell Will Protect Me: He guards by turning his back on his attacker or by hiding in it. Certain attacks that involves him hiding in his shell put him in a state as though he is blocking attacks, unless the attack that strikes him are unblockable.


  • Stance System: Guygus can change between using his claws or rifle. When he uses his claws most of his attacks are melee-oriented, whereas he is ranged-oriented when using his rifle. One of his Guts Blowout changes when he switches stances, and his Guts Allout depends on his stance. He still keeps his trap-based special moves and Guts Blowout regardless of his stance though.
  • Trap Master: He drops actual traps on the field that activate when an enemy steps on them, and has a Guts Blowout that puts up a bigger trap.


  • Mechanically Unusual Fighter: Pressing Extreme punch or Extreme kick while playing as Meggon won't make him punch or kick. Both Extreme buttons make him unleash a stream of flames with his flamethrower. Extreme punch version allows him to run around while spewing fire in front of him while Extreme kick version puts him firmly on the ground but lets him aim his flamethrower. He has a separate "fuel" gauge that gets consumed whenever he uses any flamethrower-based attack. It slowly goes up but can be recharged with a special move Refill (with its extreme version immediately filling the fuel gauge). Surprisingly enough his (only) Guts Blowout Fiery Charge and Guts Allout HAZARD don't use the fuel despite being flamethrower attacks, and in fact immediately fills the gauge upon performing.


Maestro Baugn

  • Confusion Fu: He fights by tampering with his enemy's "perspective". In-game it is realized by creating illusions. He can summon a duplicate that he can switch places with or turn them into other things. And he can even switch places with the enemy.
  • Counter Attack: His Sharp Image Guts Blowout has him stand still. Attacking him makes him explode into a growing sharp crystal lattice, revealing that the one attacked was merely an illusion of him. While this primarily works to counter melee attacks it can be used to counter ranged attacks too as it allows him to escape most attacks.
  • Doppleganger Attack: Can summon illusions that attack, switch places with them, or even use them as defense as seen in Counter Attack above.
  • Interface Screw: In his Guts Allout Cerebral Crash, the screen of the game gains cracks all over. If the enemy gets hit with these cracks, the cracks continue to appear before finally smashing the screen into pieces.
  • Power Floats: Much like Marvel, he is on the ground when standing or crouching, but when he moves he floats.
  • Psychic Powers
  • Roboteching: His only projectile move Optic Prism follows erratic flight patterns rather than the standard forward or angled trajectories.
  • Teleportation
    • Weaponized Teleportation: The Extreme version swaps places with the enemy. While seemingly benign, note that if the enemy is performing an attack, their perspective is kept and attack uninterrupted while Maestro Baugn is immediately facing towards the enemy and recovers quickly from the special move.



  • From a Single Cell: G-Parasite can leave a puddle of slime on the floor. He can then "explode" himself and then regenerate from the slime's location.
  • Teleport Spam: As mentioned in From a Single Cell, he has an unconventional teleportation move where he must first drop a slime on the ground. He can then "detonate" himself and reappear on that location.

    Tropes for Season 2 Pack Characters 

Jiro (S2)

  • Chest Blaster: While he now forgoes his G-Particles Beam in favor of his new handheld energy cannon Phase Battery, he still has this for his Gust Blowout G-Particles Battery Dispersion has him attaching the cannon to his chest armor, allowing him to fire a beam of energy that can actually be curved up or down.
  • Home Run Hitter: Like the original Jiro, he still has a bat and uses it for some of his attacks, but he loses Slugging Special. Instead, his bat is used in his Guts Allout called Galactic Swing wherein he fires a shot that sucks in the enemy into a spherical electromagnetic hole. He then makes it pitch towards him which he then finishes with a bat swing. Depending if it is used to finish the match or not, either the sphere explodes mid-flight or it goes towards the sky into a twinkle.


  • Blade on a Stick: Aside from his armored wings, Leon also uses a spear. He only uses it for normal attacks and a special move though.
  • Blow You Away: A bit unconventional of using wind - his Guts Blowout Gale Dive has him jump up then dive down with his metal wings spread apart at a rapid pace, creating some sort of upward gust.
  • Razor Wings: Leon's armored wings can act as this, especially seen in some of his special attacks, Guts Blowout and Guts Allout.


  • Assist Character: Rhodes can summon various inventions to help fight for him. His Guts Allout attack is called Eureka! where all of the inventions pile up on the enemy.
  • Fighting Clown: The game makes it a point that Rhodes, despite being a buff pterosaurian who is based on Rodan, is not really good at fighting and instead all of his normal attacks involve him trying to use his inventions helplessly. The only moment he gets "into" fighting is when performing his Guts Blowout Echophone Scream, where during the Guts Blowout close up he takes off his glasses and has a serious look in his eyes before screaming through his device. He then proceeds to put back his glasses and becomes goofy again.
  • Make Me Wanna Shout: Rhode's Echophone Scream Guts Blowout makes him screech at his microphone that turns the sound into a G-Particle energy blast. Bonus points for having a Let's Get Dangerous! close-up before attacking.


  • Action Mom: Jiro and Junior's mom.
  • Battle Couple: Joel, her husband as well as Jiro and Junior's dad, only appears in her ending and in certain victory poses. But he takes action when she performs her Guts Allout Mission Control where he directs an orbital beam cannon from space towards an enemy while she runs off for cover.
  • Kill Sat: Her Guts Allout is Mission Control where she, similar to her son, pins the enemy (this time with an electric net) while telling his husband Joel the coordinates of the enemy to fire off a beam of energy at the enemy and assuring him that she'll be safe.
  • Older Than They Look: Jane is the mother of two children, the youngest of which is already a young adult. Yet when compared to another female diosaurian who is younger than her (Beah), she barely looks older. In this case, diosaurians have long adult life and her occupation requires her to be in top shape.


  • BFS: The Golden Reaper is normally a regular-sized scimitar. However, when his Guts Allout Golden Reaper Flash connects, he infuses it with his G-Particle Diffuser on his collar to make its laser blade very long before slicing it down to his foe.
  • Counter Attack: He has a special move called Initiative. He strikes a pose and depending on the button strength pressed, he either counters a regular or special melee attack by performing a huge crescent slash with his scimitar, or he counters a regular or special projectile attack by teleporting towards the enemy and performing the crescent slash. The extreme version is not a counter move and instead makes him perform a crescent slash.


Affiliation: Grid Triumvirate

Arguably the most intelligent among the Grid, she is the second head of the organization. Her cruelty is matched by her genius, and enjoys seeing her foes go down through her machinations. During one of her weapons testing, a misfire occurred that caused near-fatal injuries on her. Almost half of her body was replaced by cybernetics, yet this accident merely flamed her passion. Some say she became sadistic due to the incident, while other say she was brutal to begin with, and this plus her intellect were parts of the reasons as to why she was chosen by Gideon to be one of the three heads.

Her boss fight is Goliath.

  • Action Girl
  • Anti-Frustration Features: The variant of her Guts Blowout Galva Coil is a close-up grab move if you input a motion during the early part of the attack (pressing quarter-circle forward punch as she is about to release electricity). She grabs the opponent and electrocutes them. It deals potentially less damage compared to the original version, but it also charges up her Voltage meter unlike the original version. Now normally, performing moves that boost up her Voltage meter won't automatically level up her Voltage when the meter is full, as she needs to perform a special move for that. But for this move, because it generates around 60% of Voltage meter, she automatically levels her Voltage up when she fills up the meter through this move so that the huge gain won't be wasted.
  • Difficult, but Awesome: See Magikarp Power.
  • Evil Laugh
  • Evolving Attack: Her special moves are basic at first, but they grow more powerful and consume less Voltage the higher her Voltage level is. Even Galva Coil gains more hits and damage at higher Voltage levels.
  • Mad Scientist
  • Magikarp Power: She is very difficult to use due to her Voltage mechanic, requiring players to invest in two meters. However, her special moves are generally more powerful than usual, and she gains more options the more she builds up her Voltage level. A good player who can maintain momentum can pretty much make her into a dangerous character. Remember that her Voltage level won't reset unless she is downed, and a Galva with max level Voltage is hard to take down.
  • Mechanically Unusual Fighter: Like Meggon, she has a separate bar. This bar is called the Voltage meter. When her normal attacks successfully hit, the bar fills up. A few special moves also fill it up and adding an additional input for her only Guts Blowout also changes the super move into a less powerful-but-Voltage-charging super. When she use her other special moves though, they consume some of her Voltage. When the meter is full, she can store the gathered Voltage to level up her body, emptying her Voltage meter once more but powering her attributes and attacks. She can go up to Level 3, and grants her increased power, durability and speed, as well as massive changes to her attacks and allows her to perform specials without needing to use Voltage.
  • Red Right Hand: Due to the uniform of the heads requiring the hood, one could barely see most of her face but it is easy to make out that half of her face is already metal. In truth of course more than half of her body is already robotic.
  • Sadist
  • Shock and Awe
  • We Can Rebuild Her
  • Yellow Lightning, Blue Lightning: Blue sparks.


  • Weaponized Teleportation: His Guts Allout is Final Decree. The opponent gets swallowed into a vortex that sends them into outer space where a passing comet then hits them.

    Tropes for Team R.I.O.T. Characters 


  • Teleportation Spam: Plenty of his special moves and Guts Blowout are vanishing and reappearing, both in offense and defense. What actually happens is he temporarily freezes time to go to a location.
  • Time Stands Still: Greez has plenty of attacks where he gets on one spot to the other, courtesy of a device he made called Bull-Ton, which creates a "chrono-tampering field" that allows him to temporarily move fast by slowing time around him. One of his Guts Allout (he has two) is called Time Freeze, which is seeing this ability to move around fast in his perspective and the player gets freedom to attack a frozen enemy until the timer runs out. Obviously his attacks that rely on Bull-Ton are turned mundane.


    Tropes for Season 3 Pack Characters 



  • Action Girl
  • Black Screen of Death: Her Guts Blowout Thousand Eons of Punishment. Sentinel does a short moving forward dash. If it connects, the screen darkens and rapid hit flashes are seen and multiple hits are heard, all while Yosevin makes a laughter. The screen ends with her making a snide comment or sometimes shouting "ORA ORA ORA!"
  • Noblewoman's Laugh
  • Power Floats: Unlike Marvel, Maestro Baugn, or Mary, she always floats.
  • Psychic Powers: Her species, like the mothama, has telekinetic powers, and here it is shown as controlling her attack drone Sentinel.
  • Puppet Fighter: She fights with Sentinel, a bipedal robot actually made up of ten drones that have been coupled together. Normally she fights with it by her side but she can remote control it to fight farther or on its own. And because it is made up of smaller drones, she can occasionally detach them to attack the enemy as a swarm.

Mechajiro (S3)

  • Detachment Combat: He can disassemble himself into separate parts (since he is used as an armor by his G.U.T.S. teammates). In-game however he can only split off his upper half and lower half, but he can split further when doing attacks like when performing a Rocket Punch. His Guts Allout Concentrated Fire involves him disassembling himself into his usual pieces while slamming against the enemy before revealing all of the hidden cannons and firing strong energy beams at the enemy from all directions.
  • Rocket Punch


  • Charged Attack: One of his Guts Blowout is Boost. It powers up his pile bunker. Any attacks that makes him fire his weapon allows him to cancel the animation to fire an additional "discharge" that knocks the enemy helplessly if Extreme Punch is pressed. When his anti-air grab Guts Blowout Pressurize is used, an additional input can be pressed to consume the charge to deal additional damage. When his Guts Blowout Punish is performed, the charge is automatically consumed, increasing its damage and makes the start-up punch unblockable.
  • Counter Attack: His Guts Blowout Impale makes him pose with his spikes withdrawn. If a melee attack of any kind strikes him, he unleashes his spikes, knocking the enemies upward and making them helplessly fall.
  • Mighty Glacier: He is slow, but he is big, strong and enduring. His slowness can sorta be mitigated with his rolling attack.
  • Pile Bunker: Angus has one worn on his right arm.
  • Rolling Attack: Has the typical rolling attack like Andy except he has his spikes out, and various grab moves that involve rolling onto the enemy.
  • Super Armor: Some of his attacks grant him this.
  • Terse Talker: Minor one. While he talks a lot, all of his moveset names have single names, with his Guts Blowout (Boost, Raze, Pressurize, Impale, and Punish) and Guts Allout (Decimate) being verbs.
  • Wrestler in All of Us: Has a close-up grab that can be done on air. He has two Guts Blowout like Jetter, and even shares the same properties.


  • Action Girl
  • Artificial Gravity: Her Guts Allout Gravity Well. She turns on a gravity-increasing machine that affects a radius around her. Should the enemy touch or be on the affected ground (it's unblockable), she proceeds to wallop the enemy with repeated throws and punches, showing how she is perfectly fine with the increased gravity.
  • Counter Attack: She has a normal command move (forward + Extreme Punch) where she reels up a bit before making a punch. If she is struck with a normal melee attack, she instead stuns the enemy with with a quick punch before performing an uppercut. Players can actually cancel her uppercut after the stun punch.
  • Wrestler in All of Us


  • Counter Attack: His Quick Draw Guts Blowout makes him pose with his hand on his side. If a projectile attack connects (regardless of its type as seen in K1RUnit's description), he cancels the enemy's attack, takes an evasive dodge, and immediately unloads his pistol on his enemy.


  • BFS: His personal weapon, G-Slayer. It seemingly looks like a futuristic broadsword minus the usual energy blade, but it actually has a built-in G-Particule Diffuser and the blades can spread apart to reveal an energy cannon, looking like a Wave-Motion Tuning Fork. It is also remote-controlled.
  • Stance System: When Jingoku plants his sword, some of his normal attacks change, and he gains and loses certain specials and Guts Blowout. Much like Guygus, his Guts Allout varies depending on whether he has G-Slayer on hand or not.
  • Sword Plant: Jingoku can stab his G-Slayer on the ground. This allows him to fight with bare hands. He loses attacks that utilize his sword but gains new ones in the process. He can even remote-control his sword.


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